Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Let's Go Out Tonight!" Roundup and Contest - Week of July 18

If you know us at all, you probably know 3 things about us:
1. That our marriage is important to us.  We make the time to go on weekly dates and be friends and talk to each other and bond and all that other cheesy, gooey stuff.  We love each other AND we like each other!
2. That we are kinda cheap (read more about how we do cheap here and here).  Don't get me wrong--we will splurge when we deem it worthy of splurging. But in general, we are cheap. We're always on the look out for good deals and free things to do for our date nights.
3. Lastly, though we're cheap, we like to have fun.  And we'll find fun in anything! 
Fake chainsaws are always a good way to go for cheap fun!

So, we're going to start doing a weekly post called "Honey-we're-going-out-tonight-without-breaking-the-bank!" series.  For short, I'll call it the "Let's Go Out Tonight!" Roundup.

In a nutshell, Lee and I will scope out inexpensive or free activities you can do with your significant other in the Wasatch Front, Utah area (sorry, all you out-of-town peeps!) and list them here either on Wednesday or Thursday.

Then, you can ask your significant other (or someone who you'd like to be your significant other) out to a nice afternoon/evening activity for the weekend. 

Wink wink, nudge nudge. (tee hee!)

Here's the activities that we've found (and will probably be going to a few of these) for the week of July 18:

  • Thursday, July 21 at 9 PM: At the City Park in Park City is a free outdoor screening of "The Music Never Stopped". (I watched it with a friend--the music, story, acting are all wonderful!). See the trailer here. I think Lee will like it, so I gotta figure out how to get him to a showing.
  • Thursday, July 21 at 7 PM (gates open at 5 PM): At Pioneer Park is the free Twilight Concert Series where the Decemberists, one of my fave bands, is the headlining band (Typhoon is opening for them).  Woot woot!  I'm not familiar with Typhoon, but I love me some Decemberists!
  • Friday, July 22 at dusk (about 9:45 PM): At Mueller Park Junior High in Bountiful is the Bountiful Handcart Days fireworks--free!  (I had to list this since we live up in B-Town and we're planning on hanging out at a friend's pool, having pizza and watching the fireworks.)
  • Saturday, July 23 at 8 PM: Real Salt Lake soccer game against the San Jose Earthquakes.  Should be a great game!  Plus, there are fireworks after the game!  I love fireworks!  This is not free, but tickets range from $14 and up.

Now for the contest!

Just answer one of the following question in the comments section of the blog and we'll choose one winner at random to win $15.00 worth of gift certificates to Chili's Restaurant--hopefully it will make dating more fun and cheaper for you!
"What is the cheapest date you've been on?"
"What is the cheapest date you've ever taken anyone on?"
I just KNOW you all have some funny stories just waiting to be let's here them!

Last day to enter your comment is on Saturday, July 23 at 11:59 pm and we'll announce the winner on Sunday, July 24!

Take luck!


  1. well we were planning a cheap date night on tim's birthday to boondocks. with his free birthday unlimited pass and coupons in hand we tried to find a babysitter. no luck - anywhere. so we ended up taking the boys with us on our date. we figured it wouldn't be too bad. but then we got there and it was "DARE" night. there were literally hundreds of unsupervised fifth graders running around like maniacs. totally rude, loud and obnoxious. we should have just stuck with our normal date to target.

  2. I went on a "date" to the Cemetery (the one by the UofU) on a chilly Saturday morning in November. He called and asked if I wanted to Join him for a stroll on the cemetery...I don't know is that a date?

    Anyhow, it was actually lots of fun so I thought I would share it herd, not really looking to win the certificates :-)

    We explored the cemetery - it has tons of really cool gravestones. After wards we went downtown and got some hot chocolate and talked. It was an enjoyable morning.

    Oh yeah another one - same guy (he was creative)- is making Oragami Animals while sitting and talking in the Barnes and Nobles Cafe.

    Redds - you guys are dang cute! Luv Ya!

  3. I am going to try and think of a cheap date that I have been on, but I wanted to mention an event that I am going to attend next week. There is a free concert at the Brigham Historic park on Tuesay, Juky 26. The guy is Junior Hubrich-an accordionist and comedic entertainer. I don't know if he is any good, but accordion music makes me smile.

  4. Connie and I's second date was a bike ride up to "Elephant Rock" on the Mueller Park trail. It cost nothing, got some good exercise going, had a great a view at the rock, and had a blast coming down.

  5. How about the date where the guy I went out with bought modeling clay and checked out artifact-type books from the library? We sculpted our own artifacts and then planted them in City Creek Canyon for someone to find. Cheap and wacky.PS The clay was non-toxic.

  6. You can go to the closest animal shelter and walk the dogs, they always need help cleaning and playing.
    I went to the tomato plant at welfare square, that was fun and messy.

  7. I had a date that wanted to take me on a picnic, but it was raining. So, he decorated the basement like we were outside. We sat on a green blanket and he even made a sun out of yellow paper and taped it to the wall!

    I also went on a date to donate blood. Free snacks afterwards!

    Christina Dee

  8. Here are a whole list of ideas:
    1. Cliff jumping into Hyrum Dam - fun to dare one another, play in the water, and get a bit of adrenaline rush.
    2. I take my boys on "dates" to the Bountiful Food Pantry to just help them seperate and bag food for a couple hours. It feels good to know you are helping others out and you get free drinks when you're done. :-)
    3. Snowshoeing! - Pick a trail: It's a free trail guide.
    4. Free Sunday concert series at Snowbird. Concerts in the park rock! (pun intended)
    5. I'm always a fan of hiking. Throw some cheap take-out or sandwhiches in your pack and hike to a sunset overlook for dinner.
    6. Search on-line for a 2 for 1 coupon and try something you haven't tried before.
    7. Get a group of friends and divide into groups. Each group gets $2 and an assignement for a dish for dinner (salad, main dish, dessert) and then go to Walmart, check out seperately, and then go home and have everyone cook what they came up with. Put it all together for a fun dinner.
    8. There is always the Progressive Dinner idea. That's good fun!

  9. I have TWO!
    Date 1 was freshman year and we went to McDonalds for Big Mac Monday (99 cents) and we each got a Big Mac. He said "no" when I asked for fries or a drink. (good thing he was a buddy of mine because we laughed about it later)
    Date 2 was the next summer with a creeper from my singles ward. I got out of many dates, but finally gave in and agreed to go on one the week before I moved back to Logan and knew I wouldn't see him again. ANYWAY, we went to 49th Street Galleria (remember that place? I think it had a different name by the time of this date, but I forgot) and we went mini-golfing where he talked about how he struggled with the death of his cat. Then we went to the bowling area and he bought himself a piece of pizza and ate it in front of me. NOT JOKING! How's that for cheap? Just for kicks, I'll share the rest: he got mad at me for winning at bowling and didn't talk the rest of the time. He also played Dance Dance Revolution by himself while I watched. Then, on the drive home, he ran over a huge metal pole in the road (I warned him and he didn't listen) and I had to sit at his house with his mom for 2 HOURS waiting for someone to come home with another car for him to drive me home. There. I think I should win.

  10. p.s. why are everyone else's cheap dates awesome and the first two I thought of sucked? Oh well, fun to read everyone's stories!

  11. Because of what you said this is what comes to mind. The first Christmas after we were married the U football team went to the bowl game in Las Vegas. So we got several days in Vegas, all expenses paid. It was a great Christmas! Bought food and entertainment with per diem, went to and enjoyed the game, and got our own hotel room! I will NEVER forget our first Christmas together.

  12. Dang, I didn't get in by midnight. Lisa- I remember that Christmas as well. Lol. Definitely my most untraditional Christmas ever.

    The date I was going to mention was once this guy took me somewhere near the airport and we watched planes take off and land while eating whatever we picked up from a drivethrough. It was a pretty fun date, although the last date I had with that particular guy and I never heard from him again. Hmm, that says a lot. Lol


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