Meet Us

Hi!  We're the Redds.  Like the color, but with an extra D at the end.

Hello! We're the Redds.

My name is Winter.  Like the season. I usually need to clarify because most people don't believe my name is really Winter.  Don't get me wrong, I love my name, but sometimes it does create a lot of confusion.  I'm Asian--an ABC to be exact.  An American-born Chinese.

My husband, the tall bearded one, is Lee.  He's got this philosophy about facial hair, glasses, and shoes--you gotta switch it up and make it interesting. I think he's a crack up and most people think so too. He's studying to be a chef and yes, I benefit from that every day.  I think he's the bee's knees!

We got together because of argyle socks. You can read about it here. It was the start of a love affair...

Here, we talk about food, entertaining, marriage, travel and living our lives to the fullest!

Always a party...

We hope you enjoy the site!