Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shhh! It's a secret!! And a surprise!!

Hello reddparty readers,

It's me, Winter.  I need your help--I need your thinking caps and bright ideas!

This summer, Lee went on a river rafting trip with his family on the middle fork of the Salmon River while I was at Girl's Camp.  He was happily rowing along for a couple days and lost his wedding ring on the third day--he looked down that night and it was gone.  The Salmon is a pretty cold river and he thinks that his finger shrunk and the ring fell off.  Somewhere in the Salmon.

I was super sad when I found out.  But I stepped back--I had my husband home safe and sound.  It's just a ring.  But Lee was crushed.  He was upset.  He loves that ring.  I have to admit, it's a cool ring.

When originally deciding on rings, we knew we didn't want anything typical.  We're weird--I hope you've noticed that by now.

One of engagement pictures we sent to a few people
Lee had a custom-ring made at Martin Jewelers for me--a green sapphire tension-set in black zirconium metal.  I love love my ring.

When I was figuring out what I was getting him, I also went to Martin Jewelers and asked them to make his wedding band--a thick black zirconium metal with 3 grooves with lime-green epoxy inlay.  Very Lee.  They did an awesome job--thanks, Aaron!

So, when he lost it, we talked about ordering another one--we just never got around to it.  Till now...
I secretly called the jeweler and asked him to re-do the ring a couple weeks ago and it will be done early next week.   Lee doesn't know.  Tee hee!

Here's where your help comes in--I want to "propose" to Lee.  He proposed to me two times...the first time to propose with a temporary ring and the second time to give me my real I want to find a fun, cool, funny way to give Lee his new ring.  I need ideas, people!

Please post your brilliant ideas in the comments section--I want to give it to him sometime next week.  Of course, I'll post the "proposal" later!


P.S.  Don't worry, Lee doesn't usually read the reddparty blog unless I ask him to look it over before I post.  Just don't tell him!


  1. Okay, you can get a copy of the Goodnight Moon board book and dig out a circular hole to put the ring in. You know how much he "loves" that book since his cool youngest Chan-side nephew introduced him to it. He probably reads it every night before bed.

  2. This is from Alison L:

    i say do something with the river/ water theme... be a fish, seaweed lady, river rock, kayaker (i have a paddle and a life jacket) or wait till halloween and say you have something to give him... pop the question and slip on the ring! say you bumped into it in the river... make up some funny story...

  3. Maybe you should get a fish bowl or put it inside of a rainbow trout and say something like, "Hey look what someone delivered to us." I think that would be funny. Either that or go to the Provo River or another river around town and pretend you found it washed up or something like that. Otherwise I'm sure whatever you decide you'll think of something great!

  4. Just an idea... You could use one of those "treasure chests" you find in the aquariums that open up as they blow air... Stash the ring in there....

  5. Too bad about his ring, that's why Ben and I don't wear our rings when we're in the great outdoors.
    Your rings are so amazing; I guess I missed paying attention to them at the wedding and since.
    Proposal...I like any of the finding it along a river ideas. Hide it in between some rocks and leaves by a stream and have someone keep watch until they hear you two walking up.
    - Oriana

  6. Cook fish for dinner one night and hide it inside. Of course it may smell like fish for the rest of your marriage!! ;) I love your rings by the way, very cool.


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