Sunday, August 4, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 30

It's been a zany, zealous, and zesty week!

July 28: Fruit sushi by McRed for Iron Chef: Summer Fruit Edition. It was amazing...and beautiful! I think that McRed gets some Asian points for her sushi rolling skills!

McRed and her husband and her sushi!

July 29: Bets, J-Duck, and their cute daughter left our apartment for home in California. We headed out to work before they hit the road, so it was sure fun to come home and see this note from them. It's such a blessing to have great friends!!

July 30: The Outdoor Recreation Expo is back in town. There are usually random things set up (like this Keen tent) in random places in the downtown area.

Keen and Lee's nose!

July 31: The clouds were so lovely when I walked out of work. It was hot, so I'm glad there was some shade.

Fluffy and wispy at the same time

August 1: Time to really start planning our Iceland trip! We got together with our friend--we'll call her Flo--was really excited about a jaunt to the southeast part of Iceland.

Iceland--let's do it!

August 2: Family reunion time! We had a immediate family reunion in the backyard, and it was a blast hanging out. We sure do love our family.

S'mores time!

August 3: I went to a wedding reception for a friend, and I somehow found myself decorating, with all his siblings, the motorcycle that the bride and groom were supposed to ride off on at the end of the reception. They did a solid job with only a few dollars-worth of Dollar Store stuff!

Saran wrap goes a long way

Anyway, I sure hope you have an upcoming zippy week!


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