Friday, August 2, 2013

What's Making Us Happy This Week

We're happy!

I love Pop Culture Happy Hour, and they do this thing at the end of each weekly podcast called "What's Making Us Happy This Week".

Each member of the podcast talks about one thing that made them happy that week and the only rule is that it has to be something that we the listeners can check out and enjoy also.

So drawing from that, we want to start our very own "What's Making Us Happy This Week" every Friday. So take a 5-minute break today and enjoy!

What's making Lee happy this week:
  • GQ's Guide to Naming Your Kid. On a related note, check out this clip on how "creative" Utahns get when they name their children.
  • This really put things into perspective.
  • Can Richard Simmons do it?
  • We're getting excited for Iceland and got inspired by Alex. We're going snorkeling while we're there!
  • Feeling a little proud of facial hair right now.

What's making Winter happy this week:
  • The Hot Scot shared this Ted Talk that got me thinking about doing the work that you love.
  • Now which way will we hang our bikes?
  • I kind of want to go to ComicCon one day, just because fun stuff like this happens.
  • We started really planning our Iceland trip, and I'm pretty stocked after seeing this guy. Love the music too. Thanks, Melonade and Smiling C for both sharing!
  • Time to pause.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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