Friday, January 27, 2012

Stuff Guys Apparently Know and a Reader Contest

Lee and I had a little dispute a few days ago.  I need your help, our lovely blog readers!

We were sitting at our favorite pizza joint, The Sicilia Pizza and Kitchen, and Lee was flipping through some channels on one of the TVs since we didn't really want to watch CNN.  He stopped on Top Gear.

Top Gear, for those of you who may not be familiar, is a show on cable. There are three British guys plus a mysterious professional driver called Stig that test drive all sorts of cars, from the regular commuter cars that we normal folk drive to all the supercars that only people with a lot of money get to drive.

I have never heard of or seen Top Gear before in my life.

But I must say that I really enjoyed watching them race a bobsled against a rally car (fun!) while we happily ate our tasty New York White Garlic pizza.  Watch it--it's crazy!

As we were leaving, I commented that was a cool and fun show and asked Lee how he even knew about Top Gear since we don't get the BBC Channel in our basic cable package.

He answered, "Who doesn't know about Top Gear?!?"
I replied, "I've never heard of Top Gear before."
He then responded, "Well, ask any man and he's heard about Top Gear." 
I asked, "I don't think EVERY guy is going to know what Top Gear is."
He then challenged, "Yeah they will--call up any guy in your phone and ask them if they know what Top Gear is. I betcha they'll know."
So, I got out my phone and proceeded to call three random guys up (a couple who I haven't talked to for a while).

And all three of them knew what Top Gear was.

[Lee gets an early lead and is up by 3.]

Oh rubbish!

Lee went further and texted a bunch of guys (I think, 16 total) the following message:
"Winter and I have a bet. Do you know what Top Gear is? Please help us."
And here are some of the responses he received back:

B.S. said: "Only one of the best british shows around. British guys, cool cars, good times."
J.C. said: "I know what Top Gear is, it is a british show and now an american show too where they drive cool cars around and do other car related activities."
J.L. said: "Yes I do. James, Jeremy, and Hammond for life!" 
R.W. said: "Yes, I know what Top Gear is. Tell Winter she will certainly lose." 

A total of 13 guys responded back and every single one of them knew what Top Gear was.  Really?!? 

[Lee pulls waaay ahead of Winter before the half with a score of 16-0.]

Okay, now here's where I need your help.  I'm trying to see if I can rally from behind and catch up on the number of guys who DON'T know about Top Gear.  I really think that polling Lee's 16 friends biased my sample group. For all I know, they're all car dudes!

Top Gear Contest Drawing:

Soooo....all you lovely female blog readers, please ask your husbands or boyfriends or dads or brothers or any other man in your life if they know what Top Gear is.

1) For one entry, simply comment on the blog a) if they've ever heard of Top Gear and b) whether you've heard of Top Gear before (I want to see if I'm the only one not paying attention).

And all our guy blog readers, we'd love to hear from you too. Comment on the blog and let us know if you've ever heard of Top Gear before this post or googling it.  Now be honest!

2) For one additional entry, follow ReddParty on GoogleFriend Connect (see in our side panel to the right).  In a separate commenton the blog, tell us that you did!  If you were already following us, cool and thanks!  In a separate comment, please let us know that you already are.

From all those comments, we'll choose at random someone to win a very random British prize package:
  • Top Gear: Where's Stig? The World Tour book (it's like Where's Waldo? but with Stig), and

  • The BBC version of Pride and Prejudice (Hello, Mr. Darcy!)

Comments must be posted by 11:59 pm on Friday, February 3, 2012 to be entered into the contest and is open to peeps in the USA.  Lastly, make sure I can figure out who you are if you are really interested in winning (ie don't post as "Anonymous" unless you don't care to win).

We'll then have a tally and Lee and I can settle our argument.  (I still think there are plenty of dudes that don't know about Top Gear, hence this blog post.)

(This contest is sponsored by us, Winter and Lee, in order to settle a dispute and because we like you. The Top Gear folks have no idea who we are--we're just into Top Gear.  Over and out!)


  1. I'm sorry Winter, but every guy knows what Top Gear is, even if they don't like cars.

  2. There is a Catch-22 with Lee's argument, if the guy has heard of Top Gear he is a man. If the guy hasn't heard of Top Gear he isn't a real man.... Therefor, you can say that all men know what Top Gear is.

    I have heard of it, and I am a man.... I am.

  3. i asked tim and he's heard of top gear. i had no idea - so in our house, lee's theory is holding true.

  4. I'm a woman... and I definitely know what Top Gear is... And watch it. Along with my dad and cousins and uncle and boyfriend.... Sorry!!!

  5. Winter, that's funny! I have never heard of it before either. I asked my husband and his coworker. My husband said it sounded familiar and guessed motocross and after I told him what it was he said he had seen the commercial for it. His coworker said he had no idea what it was. So I guess that's more points for you! (In all fairness for my husband though, we don't have a TV for him to have watched it on... :)

  6. Hi Winter! My husband and I have been watching Top Gear together for the past 4+ years...we both love it! :) I definitely love their crazy challenges and how they play pranks on each other. Stick with the British's way better than the American one. :)

  7. I had never heard of Top Gear until J and I started dating. He loves that show. I have now become a big fan of it. Sorry Winty, I think Lee has you beat on this one.

  8. Jacob knows about it for sure, and I know about it because of Jacob.

  9. I'll go ahead and reply on behalf of my wife since I'm not sure if she knows about your blog. We both have seen every episode of Top Gear (except for the current season. . .I can't seem to find new episodes on BBC America). Its rise to prominence in our household was a direct result of Netflix adding it to their library. The Polar Special and the Vietnam Special are our favorites. Score one for Leland.

  10. Both Brian and I know and love Top Gear!

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  12. So Troy was one of the men texted and had NEVER heard of it. I, on the other hand, saw it last week (the American version). We don't have cable, or I'm sure Troy would watch it. I saw while flipping through channels at my parents and a skydiver raced a super fancy truck. I was bored.

  13. Tyler has NOT heard of Top Gear, and neither have I. One point for you!

  14. Awesome show!! Makes me want to be a race car driver!!!

  15. I'm a man, don't really like cars, but I know about Top Gear. I also know that the US version isn't worth watching.

  16. Josh has never heard of Top Gear and neither have I. Hopefully his doesn't affect their friendship...

  17. CHAN! I am sorry to say (for your sake only because I love Top Gear) I have 6 men and 6 women who are in the KNOW!

  18. I'm not a car guy but I love Top Gear. It's a universal bond between all males.

  19. We almost have a point for you Winter! Brandon didn't know about it at all until a couple of weeks ago, a friend had mentioned it, but we still haven't seen it yet. ????

  20. Winter, I KNOW AND LOVE the British version of Top Gear! But I had no idea that there was an American version, though I am kind of glad. We Americans tend to take Good British TV and ruin it! Eric K

  21. Jim DEFINITELY knows all about Top Gear... it makes for a pretty boring date night, in my opinion.

  22. Craig had never heard of it, and neither had I. We aren't big TV watchers, but we enjoyed watching that clip!

  23. Winter, guess what? I just asked my husband if he had ever heard of it and he said "never." so there's one point for u. I was expecting him to say yes because he seems to know everything, but he gets all his info from the headlines because he doesn't watch much tv. So I guess top gear hasn't made CNN or CNBC headlines...

  24. I Love Top Gear. Second the motion that the U.S. version is a pale, sad, lackluster copy. I'll check with more guys who are friends.

  25. Wow, so I never heard of it Winter. Aaron has never heard of it ever. We don't actually watch tv except for Naruto and the amazing race...Good luck!!!

  26. I have never heard of it and Will doesn't think he knows it and I really hope I get drawn for the Pride and Prejudice ;)

  27. Sorry Winter, I have heard of (and am a fan of) Top Gear. As has my husband, dad, brother, brother-in-law, and pretty much every other guy I know. And we don't even have cable!

  28. And I'm following you...not it the creepy stalker sense, but the google friends sense:)

  29. I know and love Top Gear, and just called my BF and he knows what it is too. "Yeah, it's a car show." And at work the other day I went up to our second floor, and a bunch of guys were crowded around a screen watching an episode. Guys do seem to pick this stuff up by instinct.

  30. I'm following you now as well. And I third the fact that American Top Gear is rubbish.

  31. So I have certainly never heard of it. At first glance I thought "Top Gun? Nope..Gear. " idea. So I asked Jared who is in the other room at the moment
    "Hey Jared, do you know what Top Gear is?"
    "Do you know what TOP GEAR (spoken very clearly) is?"
    "In what context?"
    "As in a TV show?"
    So there you have it...neither of us (who are lame and don't watch much TV, but still...) have heard of it. 2 points for Winter.
    (this is Amber & Jared)

  32. Okay Winter, I just called my parents too (live in Wyoming and don't watch TV...trying to get you more points. You're welcome. :)) And NEITHER of them had heard of it either. 2 more points for you! WOOT!
    (Jared and Amber)...sorry but I don't know how to post as anything but anonymous. Tee hee

  33. Sorry Winter. Both me and Brady both watch Top Gear and love it. But no worries I'm sure you will will the next contest. :]

  34. I made Lindsey watch Top Gear with me the morning Eli was born.

  35. Winter - I hadn't heard of it, and neither had my husband or brother. I am pretty sure my Dad has never heard of it, because he only watches Fox news. I'll let you know if I get any other responses. Pride and Prejudice? Yes Please.

  36. Oh, yeah, I do follow your blog through Google reader.. just not through Friend connect. Does that count?


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