Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pastry Wednesday: Tullie's Morning Bun

I think I found a close runner up to Les Madelines' Kouing Aman.

My morning bun

Adnohr brought Morning Buns from Tullie Bakery for this particular Pastry Wednesday. These Morning Buns are like cousins to LM's kouing aman, actually.

Can't wait to taste it!

Hello, friend.

You look delicious with all that crusty, crunchy, caramelized, gooey-ness.

Then you start peeling away layers--the bread is like a cross between the denser bread of a cinnamon bun and the flaky layers of a croissant.  I don't know how they do it, but it's awesome.

Flaky goodness, right here!

Just look at the bottom of this bun--they must stuff them into a muffin pan and the tops just overflow.

The "stump" of the morning bun--yum!

Does anyone have a great recipe for a morning bun? I gotta try making these at home!  Until then, it's off to Tullie!

Tullie Bakery
863 East 700 South  
Salt Lake City, UT


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