Saturday, August 11, 2012

Creative Girls Night Out: Part 2: Hair hair hair!

For Part 2 of our recent Creative Girls Night Out, I asked Gem to teach us a few hair tricks of styling and maintenance since she has truly fabulous hair.

Plus, she's my most stylish friend--she can pull off just about anything. (See, she's wearing this mint green textured top with these turquoise pants and her hair is perfect. This is how she dressed to can chicken! She's so fancy and stylish.)

Getting set up

Cousin K, Mrs. Giggling G's cousin, also helped out with a few tips of her own, since she is a hairdresser by trade.

Mrs. Tron (l) and Cousin K

Gem started by telling us about hair care and maintenance. I learned that I shouldn't be washing my hair every day, because it is too harsh on the hair and scalp.

But what if I start looking like a grease ball?!? What then?

Gem showed me this: dry shampoo.

Catwalk Dry Shampoo

This is a nicer, more expensive dry shampoo, but there are good ones out there that are less expensive. It's basically a fine powder that absorbs excess oil. You apply (or spray) the shampoo into your hair and brush it through. I ended up buying some later, Suave Professional Dry Shampoo, for about $4.00 and I love it. Plus, it smells good, so I kind of feel like I did wash my hair!

Gem then started showing us simple hairstyles we could do on our own. I was her first model. She ended up doing three braids for texture first...

Getting my hair 3-way braided

...then twisting the braids into a bun.

First bun in the middle

Twist the other braids around the middle bun

I can totally do that!

Then, Smiling C was the next model. Gem started her out with the same three braids...

Smiling C getting her hair braided

...but then making individual buns at the nape of her neck. The texture of her curly hair made it look amazing. She looked whimsical!

Three braided buns--lovely!

Gem started another style with two braids originating from the left side of Smiling C's head, then ending them in little buns at the right side of her head, near the nape of the neck.

This one is my favorite!


Both Cousin K and Gem also showed us the virtues of braiding your bangs.

I think it looks so feminine and pretty!

Mrs. Tron and her pretty 'do!

Mrs. Giggling G and I had a couple of different styles done on our hair when everyone was practicing.


Waterfall braid

It kind of felt like we were doing each other's hair at a sleep over. It was great fun.

Thanks to both Gem and Cousin K--I feel like I have hair skills now!


  1. I LOVE dry shampoo. It was an absolute godsend when I my son was a newborn!! Best stuff EVER!
    And I love all the braids you ladies did...I am going to have to try some of those for sure!!

  2. Amazing!!!! they look sooooooooooo good. you do have some awesome talented friends =)


  3. WOW! I love those hair styles!!! Sure beats my everyday ponytail! If only I had the time to do all those cool things to my hair!!! Okay. I admit. It's all because I am lazy. Too much work to even do that. But you got me motivated to maybe think about it...yes...thinking... ;) I wish I had the gift of just flipping my hair around into one of those amazing styles like a magic trick in minutes!!!

  4. Great post! I am growing my hair back out in hopes to master some braids;) & argh, so much debate about washing your hair everyday! I have been told it IS ok, then so many say every other day:/ I will have to try this dry shampoo; I, honestly, get the best results with baby powder;)

  5. I just found your blog and read a bit! Looks like you girls are having fun! I love the post about Lars and the ring. Ha ha! too funny!

  6. What a fantastic night. I have short hair but I'd certainly let it grow out if I could look like that. :)


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