Monday, January 30, 2012

Lee's Craft Project: An Update

Lee went to his Auto Body Class last week. As you may remember, this is what things looked like from last week.

Lee's corvette ready to be painted!

He had picked up these from our good friend, Hogan, who owns a great auto body shop, Everest Collision. Hogan is a real gem and always hooks us up!

Oooo!  The paint!

Lee went early to prep the corvette prior to painting. There was a lot of tape involved.

After a couple hours of work, taping things off on the corvette.

It took him a couple hours to cover things up.

Got everything covered

Now into the paint booth...

I love this pic that Lee too--very symmetrical

And voila!  The corvette in all its glory!

Oh, that's hot!

Yes, he painted it a flat black.  It's black, but it's not too shiny.  And it is SO good lookin'!

Nice assets!

Lee dropped by Grandpa Wyoming's home, and they went for a little ride together in the corvette. Besides being Hector the Collector, Grandpa Wyoming is super handy--he's been doing all his own car stuff (under the hood and body work) for years now.  In fact, he is currently re-building a Model T.

Lee said that Grandpa Wyoming had a perma-grin on his face--I think he was pleased that Lee decided to take on this project, because that's how Grandpa Wyoming does it!

Lee's project--not quite finished

Lee did such a great job!  He has a little bit of sanding to do where he dribbled some paint.  The nice thing about the flat black is that you can sand it down without having to repaint it.

BUT, he's not done folks!  A lot of you guessed some fun colors on the last post--can you guess the accent color he's going to do on this lovely flat black?


  1. Awesome! Jim's bug is flat black too! They should cruise around town together!

    1. Heather, that is awesome! I didn't know that--yes, they'll have to go cruise Bountiful State Street sometime!


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