Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lee's Current Craft Project

Lee likes to do crafts on occasion.  This is his current project:

Lee's nameless '79 corvette, primed for painting

No, it's not the Subi in the background, but the '79 Corvette.

Yeah.  Crazy, huh?

You may be asking yourself incredulously, "How in the world did Lee get his hands on this sweet craft project??"

Well, you remember Grandma Italy from this time and this other time.  She's married to Grandpa Wyoming. As Lee puts it, Grandpa Wyoming is "Hector the Collector", if you're familiar with the poem of Shel Silverstein from his book Where the Sidewalk Ends.  He has stuff.  And this was something he had in his stuff.

And he generously gifted it to us when we showed some interest in fixing the car up. Talk about being at the right place at the right time!

Such a good lookin' muscle car!

Lee is currently taking an Auto Body class through Salt Lake Community Education, so he's painting the car himself. It's really quite a good deal! And he's learning a new random skill.

He just finished the last bit of priming and sanding and is ready to paint next week.

Any guesses on what color he's going to paint it?


  1. Red, or maybe yellow? Any pin striping?

  2. lime green!! That's my guess anyway.
    I think your guys' craft project is super cool!

  3. One of the three superman colors: red, yellow, or blue, okay I guess those are "primary" colors, but I prefer the term superman colors.

  4. David says, "Never change the color of a car! Plus it's the Bat Mobile color!" ;) -Tori


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