Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Husband: Goody Two-Shoes or Jail Bird?

Lee's grandma, a cute, petite Italian woman, got a phone call yesterday. It went something like this:


"Hi grandma. It's your favorite grandson, Lee."

"Oh hello Lee."

"Grandma, I got a free American Airlines ticket and a friend and I went up to Canada.  We went to a park and met some nice people, and they needed a ride back to their hotel.  But, on the way there, I ran a stop sign and got pulled over.  And there was drug paraphernalia in the car.  I'm in a jail and I need bail money."

"Well, this doesn't sound like my grandson."

"[expletive] grandma! I need the money!"

"Now I know this isn't my grandson! He would never swear at me!"


Grandma  Italy (as we'll call her) then called Lee up on his cell phone and asked him if he was in Canada.  Lee said he most definitely was NOT in Canada, but was mowing his other grandma's lawn (Grandma Malad).

Apparently, the Granny Scam is popular, where a "grandson" in trouble up in Canada calls up his elderly, hard-of-hearing grandma or grandpa, asking for money to get out of jail.  The worried and concerned grandma wires the money and is out hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  Yeah.  Horrible, huh?  Please warn your grandparents!

You go, Grandma!  That Grandma Italy is smart one!

We're pretty proud of her, but this incident got me really thinking about a few things:
  1. Was "mowing" simply a cover up or was Lee really sitting up in a Canadian jail? 
  2. Is Lee truly Grandma Italy's favorite grandson?
  3. Does Canada really have a big enough population to warrant stop signs?
  4. Since Canada has two official languages, do the scammers scam in both English and French?
  5. And how did a Mountie catch up to Lee driving a car?

What do you think?  Was Lee being a perfect angel--mowing grandma's lawn--or was he sitting in a Canadian jail hitting up grandma for cash?  We'll let you decide...


Grandma Italy gave us a few more details about the scam.  She's so awesome!

"Grandma Italy adding to the story.  When I said he didn't sound like my grandson, he replied that he had been crying all night and that is why.  I then asked him what Winter thought about all of this and when he stammered for an answer, I stated  that he was trying to scam me.  The swearing followed.

Unfortunately, his phone number did not show up on my phone so I had nothing to give the police so it was useless to call."


  1. wow, that's crazy! and scary that people have all this info about us to do something like that. don't mess with lee's g-ma. she ain't no dummy.

  2. I think he's a jail bird. It's the shifty eyes. Don't let those green glasses and the 100%-of-the-time-super-nice-guy demeanor fool you! :)


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