Monday, August 2, 2010

Lucky No. Year 7 of the Cheese & Italian Soda Party

Our annual Cheese and Italian Soda Party snuck up on us this year.  This summer, pretty much every single weekend was booked with family reunions, church outings, friends' weddings and random plans. Lee and I have joked (but are a little serious) that we're excited for the summer to be OVER!  We might not be so busy!

So, we were scrambling this year to get invitations out and things ready for the party and for Cheese Idol. But this was lucky year 7 for us!  You know why?!?  Well, I'll tell you why!

Reson 1: When we hit the Deseret Industries for a costume for Lee's "Single Ladies" dance number for Cheese Idol, we walked right up to the perfect outfit--a dark blue, bedazzled with rhinestones, velour track his size! 

Lee's mighty jump!  (courtesy of Keyra Kristofferson)

Reason 2: It was raining when the party started.  We worked around it. But, what was really lucky--it cleared up rather nicely for Cheese Idol.

Reason 3:  Lee turned to me when we were grabbing Wendy's after the party (heck, we usually don't have time to eat at the party) and said, "We're so lucky.  We have such good family and friends."  We've been able to do this party for 7 years, and every year we are always surrounded by our awesome family and our wonderful friends.

We love you and thank you for making for us feel so lucky!

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  1. Lucky number 7--Wow! So sorry we missed it!! But don't worry, Sean owes me a PB&J for catching the biggest fish. Maybe we'll eat it with cheese....


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