Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Much Ado About Tickets, Cars, and Cedar City!

Lee and I finally went on a mini vacation this last weekend!  Woot!
It was actually a working vacation. Boo!
But it was a lot of fun!  Woot + Boo = Boot!

Before we get started, we need to introduce the main players in this week's adventure:
  • Me: Playing me 
  • Lee: Playing Lee 
  • Ab Abber 2000: A good friend from junior/high/pharmacy school 
  • Hogan: Husband of Ab Abber 2000 who knows a lot about cars  
  • MJ: Another pharmacist friend 
  • Sorri (pronounced sorry): Husband of MJ
I was attending a pharmacy continuing education (CE) class in Cedar City, and we just built in a little getaway.  The conference offered discounted tickets for a few plays at the Utah Shakespearean Festival and we were slated to attend Much Ado About Nothing Saturday afternoon. I love love that play--I was so so excited!

We met up with Ab Abber 2000 and Hogan there. Ab Abber and I serve on the Alumni Board together and she was attending the CE--so we sent our husbands on to the streets of Cedar City to sell a few extra play tickets the Alumni Board had while we were learning about pharmacy law and glucose meters.

Lee and Hogan started walking on Main Street in Cedar City, out to sell some tickets.  They approached a woman and told her that their wives were pharmacists at a conference and they had extra tickets to Much Ado and MacBeth and were trying to sell them.  The woman looked at them and said, "That is the worst scalper story I've ever heard!"

But it's TRUE!  (Honestly, if someone told me that story, I would have told them they were full of it too!)

After the class and the play, MJ and Sorri enlisted Hogan to help with their overheating car, and since Hogan is a car guy, he was happy to help.  Lee and I were planning on heading out after Much Ado, but were convinced to hang out for one more night, help with the car, and catch the evening showing of MacBeth (remember, Lee and Hogan weren't successful earlier, so we had extra tickets).

So Hogan, Lee and Sorri got down and dirty with the car that was overheating. They bought one of those "mechanics in a can" to see if it would repair the head gasket.

We could only hope that it worked--we let the car sit after the treatment and headed off to the play.
The next morning, we filled up the car with fresh antifreeze, and MJ and Sorri led out the caravan.

We didn't get more than 20 miles out of Cedar, which would be the hoping town of Paragonah, (pronounced para-GOO-nah) when the car started overheating again.  Bummer.  So much for the mechanic in a can!

The beautiful view from the Paragonah exit
Ab Abber 2000 and Hogan needed to be home for a party, so they took off and we stayed with MJ and Sorri.  They got a tow truck and we all headed back to Cedar.  The thought was that they would hire a U-Haul truck and a car hitch to bring their car back.  We waited at the U-Haul store for the super nice U-Haul guy till he got out of church.  We dubbed him Bishop U-Haul, because he couldn't leave till he was done conducting sacrament meeting.

This was on Bishop U-Haul's business lot.  Yes, those are sheep with the trucks.
We come to find out that it would cost about $400 to rent the truck and car hitch!  Holy canolli! So they decide to leave their car for a week and come pick it up next weekend. And we all head home together!  I realize that MJ and Sorri were having major headaches because of their car--but Lee and I agreed that we were less rushed to get home and had a wonderfully leisure time!

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  1. What an adventure! Glad you guys had fun. I'd like to meet the mechanic in a can someday... :)


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