Thursday, August 19, 2010

If I weren't Asian, I'd be Italian!

Last weekend, I met our Italian relatives.  Our Grandma Italy (from thwarting-the-granny-scam post) and her cousin Joye organized the Giorgis Family Reunion.  So, Lee and I got up early and headed to Fort Bridger, Wyoming (of all places!) to meet the Italian side of Lee's family.

Lee's great great grandfather, Giovanni (aka John the Barber) came from Italy to the United States way back when.

John the Barber had 4 children--Joe, John, Erma, and Guido.  John the Barber's son, John, is also known as Grandpa John to us.  He's actually Lee's great grandfather and the only surviving child of John the Barber.

Grandpa John

Four of Grandpa John's extended relatives from Italy (Turin) also came to the family reunion!  To Fort Bridger, Wyoming--of all places!  There was Marisa, a spunky, white-haired whom Lee had visited before in Italy.  Then there was Adelina (Marisa's niece), Giorgio (Adelina's husband), and Eugenio (their son).

Marisa and Adelina were in charge of making some true Italian dishes for the group of 75+ people.  We got to help!

I'm cutting chilled polenta and The Ballerina (my sister-in-law) is grating some Pecorino Romano cheese

Marisa is supervising Lee mixing the polenta...clockwise, of course

The food was wonderful!  These Italians just know how to eat!  Who knew you could do so much with polenta!

Lee and I were asked to do Italian sodas.  We always have a lot of fun bartending--we usually get to mix up weird flavor combinations for people!

Lee seemed to really hit it off with Eugenio.  They ended up playing a throwing game with golf balls hooked together by a string.  They were having quite a bit of fun.

Really, I think I could be Italian. Don't get me wrong, I love being Chinese and all that I am.  But if I had to choose somewhere else to come from, I'm leaning toward Italy!  They eat great food.  They use their hands when they talk.  They know how to have fun!

If you could be from another country, which country would you choose?

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  1. Korea! But I already have Italian family members and I American so both are old hat. But Korea (or possibly even China) is where its at! (For me)


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