Saturday, August 28, 2010

Games We Play: Game #1 - Name the Band

Lee and I have a few games that we play on a regular basis.  Not like Scrabble or Monopoly (though we do love our board games!). They're more like games to amuse ourselves while we driving in the car, shopping at the supermarket, or just walking from one place to the next.  This is the first of a blog series called "Games We Play", so that when you're not really doing anything, you can play them too!

 In our car playing a game of some sort

The first game we'd like to introduce is one that started with my siblings--Name the Band.  It's simple--whenever you hear music of any sort, you shout out the band name and promptly state the score. "The Killers! 1 to 0!  I'm kicking your trash!" is something you may overhear in our car. This game is ALWAYS on.  Anytime you hear music, there is a chance to score a point.

My crazy siblings when we were young warthogs

Unfortunately, I am terrible at this game.  I only know a handful of bands and it's usually because I like one of their songs enough to go look up who sings it.  Lee especially makes fun of me when I don't know bands from my "generation".

So, he helps me out by giving me so-called "awesome" clues--he can't figure out why I still don't get the band name.  I'll let you decide if Lee's clues are truly awesome/I'm musically clueless OR if Lee's clues are less than useful.

This brings us to a little contest for all of our readers:  below are 5 of Lee's hints.  Please comment on the blog what you think the answers are.  Whoever has the most correct will win a family skating pass to Hollywood Connection (good for 6 people). Woot! 

Lee's Clue #1: "Me at a dance"                                     Answer: __________________________
Lee's Clue #2: "Touted as the next Beatles"                    Answer: __________________________
Lee's Clue #3: "What doctors and nurses do"                   Answer: __________________________
Lee's Clue #4: "Pencil lead in a limo"                               Answer: __________________________
Lee's Clue #5: "The first former lead singer of Genesis"      Answer: __________________________

Five awesome clues, people!

In the event of a tie, we will randomly choose a winner from the people involved in the tie.  Please submit your answers by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, September 1, 2010 and we'll announce the winner on Thursday, September 2.

Take luck, everyone!


  1. #1 -- Wallflowers
    #2 -- Oasis
    #3 -- Save Ferris
    #4 -- The Diamond Stretch (I had to scrounge for that guess lol)
    #5 -- Peter Gabriel

  2. ok - i'll give a couple a try
    #1 - wallflowers
    #2 - the jonas brothers or muse
    #5 - phil collins

    i'll comment later if i have any other guesses!

  3. 1. N.E.R.D, Gym Class Heroes or Panic! at the Disco
    2. N'Sync or the Jonas Brothers
    3. The Killers or 30 Odd Foot of Grunts
    4. Five for Fighting or The Mr. T Experience
    5. Your Mom or Peter Gabriel

    Ok, I'm mostly kidding but I may have gotten 1 right. Pencil lead in a limo? Really?

  4. Bob and I play this game all the time. However, I am sadly lacking in my ability to recall names, so The Cure is my standard answer (mostly to bug Bob who can name any obscure band out there). Having said that, Bob and I did this one together:
    1. Wallflowers
    2. Oasis
    3. The Cure ;)
    4. Incubus (although I think that one was a bit of a strech Lee)
    5. Peter Cetera
    Thanks for sharing your fun game with us!

  5. i want to change my answer to #5 from phil collins to peter gabriel. still no answers for the others we missed. we're keeping our fingers crossed!

  6. Wow, those are tough. We don't get to listen to the songs??

    Well, I know #5 because I googled. I was going to say Phil Collins, but I guess the answer is Peter Gabriel. #3 could be The Cure? As to the other clues...I am clueless. I was thinking hard who the next Beatles could be, but I admit I am not that knowledgeable about bands.

  7. I am going to submit song names for the ones that I don't know the band names for. Here goes nothing. 1. "Tiny Dancer" (haha) 2. Coldplay 3. "Fix You" 4. ??? 5. Phil Collins

  8. These are Tana's answers:

    #1 The Wallflowers (? this is what comes to mind although...Lee, a wallflower? I saw you dance at the Cheese party, maybe I'm off on this one! lol)
    #2 The Jonas Brothers (among other bands)
    #3 The Cure (?)
    #4 I'm pretty sure this isn't the answer, but Death Cab for Cutie
    #5 Peter Gabriel


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