Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cooking + General Conference = Awesome

This weekend was General Conference weekend.  I love General Conference.  My parents always made it a priority to watch conference on Saturday and Sunday together as a family.  As much of a drag it was in my teenage years, I am grateful that my parents instilled in me the importance of listening to the counsel of the prophets.  And of course, there is always plenty of food and get-togethers!

Here's my top 10 favorite things about this General Conference weekend:

1.  Hootenanny pancakes (aka German pancakes). Yum!  Puffy and crusty and golden and super easy to make for a later weekend morning.  

2.  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's "thank you" talk.  It's nice being told thank you!

3.  Pie at Grandma Malad's after the Priesthood session

4.  Elder D. Todd Christofferson's talk about living a consecrated life

5.  Lee making bread.  He makes it the best.  Especially with our homemade applesauce!

6.  President Uchtdorf ALWAYS bringing flying airplanes into his talks...and telling us to slow down a little.

7.  Dr. Amy's Black Forest Cake for family dinner.  Dr. Amy is a friend who served her LDS mission in Germany and makes pretty awesome German food.  She made us this Black Forest Cake for us once and it's been on the brain ever since.  Chocolate, raspberry filling, whipped cream frosting--yeah, it is decadent!

8.  Elder Gerrit Gong talked about his grandmother blessing all his future generations.  He's Asian.  Go Asians!  And little Asian grandmas!

9.  While we were billy-goating, I noticed how pretty the leaves look and how the light is different looking this time of year--warmer, more golden.

10. President Monson's attitude of gratitude talk

Wasn't it just a great weekend?  So, what was your favorite thing about General Conference weekend? Or just this weekend in general?  Did you have a fave talk?  Did you make something super yummy?  Did you get together with friends or family?  What did you do? 


  1. I loved many of the same talks as you. We rotated the food in our our 72 hour kits and let the kids feast on all of the 5 year old stale hard candy. It's suppose to be a yearly tradition to rotate the food, but I've been slacking.I'm sure glad we haven't had to use them because the food was pretty scary in there! Oh, and we make German Pancakes every Sunday morning. Not only are they yummy and easy, we have chickens and get 3 fresh eggs every day. So, I like recipes that use a lot of eggs.

  2. Oh, that's a great idea, Kristi! Rotating food storage during conference! And I didn't know you had chickens! Awesome!

  3. Winter - Hooray for family traditions around General Conference. My parents got all of us into the habit too! Over the years we've come up little ways to help make the experience meaningful, especially for the older kids--questionnaires, game pages designed to help kids focus attention. As you know I operate the Teaching Moment Booster Blog

    Here's an idea that could add to your General Conference treasury of neat things to do:

    Harvesting OBJECT LESSONS -General Conference
    One family makes General Conference even more meaningful by encouraging listening and writing skills, harvesting object lessons used by the General Authorities. (This technique gives a fun structure to each individual’s notes. For family members, special “rewards” and privileges are awarded in family home evening for each completed 3x5” cards. Over the years these cards have become a great resource for church talks and missionary letters “fillers”. Scripture study takes on a new dimension when family members are spotting and rewriting object lessons for the family “Object Lesson Collection.”

    Great to see all the great work you're doing to keep a record of your great little family! It's been so good to know you!


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