Thursday, July 1, 2010

Art + Putt Putt Golf = Cheap Date!

A few things we love:
  1. Art--We love going to gallery strolls.  One of our first dates was to see the Andy Warhol exhibit at the University of Utah Museum of Art.
  2. Miniature golf--We think we're pretty good at it.  And it's just fun to say "putt putt".
  3. Free stuff--Yes, we do!
So when we got an invitation to the "Contemporary Masters: Artist-Designed Miniature Golf" at the Salt Lake Art Center, we were all over it!  Who wouldn't be all over FREE artsy-fartsy putt-putt golf??  That's why we asked a few of our good friends to join us.

We had to wear stylish white booties over our shoes to protect the art that we ended up climbing all over.  Lee shows off his booties as he chips one into the hole. 

I wish Sharona and I had knickers and argyle socks on--it would have made this picture even better!

Some of these holes were terribly tricky to maneuver.  
That is some good form, Carrie and Rich!

Keep your eye on the hole!

The art was fascinating and fun!

Lee was drawn to the Donkey Kong game (with free credits on it!) that was attached to the Donkey Kong-themed hole.

We sure had a lot of fun being goofy!

And of course, we had to show off our sexy faces when we had conquered the entire course!

So, if you're looking for something fun and free to do for a cheap date or group activity or family outing, head on down to the Salt Lake Art Center and do a little "putt putt".  The clubs, balls, fashionable booties, and even scorecards are all included!



  1. too cool! just reminds me that i really need to get out more. :) only hinderance? rehearsals for pirates of penzance at hale centre theatre. almost every night. :( but :).

  2. You are the queen of fun things to do, Winty. I'm just glad I get to ride on the coat tails of your awesomeness. Thanks for the invitation. It was a blast!


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