Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to date on a budget

Lee and I are cheap.  Before we got married, we prided ourselves in all the fun and inexpensive things we would do on dates. Here are a few of our tips on how to date on a budget:

Tip #1.  Arcade games are always cheap.
On one date, we went to the Rose Laundry down the street and did our laundry and played the arcade game, Galaga, that they have tucked into a corner of the laundromat.  Total amount spent = $2.00 in quarters.

Tip #2: Make something together. 
For another date, we decided to reupholster a couple of pepto-bismol pink chairs that I had inherited from a roommate.  Total amount spent = About $3.00 for fabric and $9.00 for the staple gun.

Tip #3: Walking is always free. 
And we had a weekly hiking date on Wednesday nights in the summer.  Total amount spent = Nothing!

And now that we're married...

...we're still cheap!  And we still like to find fun and inexpensive things to do together (Despite what people say, we married people still like to go on dates and have fun!).  Here are a few more tips: 

Tip #4:  Find 2-for-1 tickets. 
For one date as married people, we went to support our awesome singer friend, Carrie, at a Utah Arts Festival concert and had fortunately found a 2-for-1 voucher. We danced to the awesome music of the Soulistics. Total amount spent = $10.00 for 2 tickets.

Tip #5: Digital cameras are loads of fun and cheap!
Another married-people date, we took to the streets and took pictures to create our album called "The Secret Life of Carts".  (Cart Cobain is pictured below.) Total amount spent = Nothing!

Tip #6: Volunteer. And look for free events.
And on Friday, we headed to the symphony.  Well, we actually didn't go to HEAR the symphony--we went to stack chairs.  We volunteered and got some vouchers for the symphony in exchange.  Sweet!  Then we headed next door to the Salt Lake ART Center and looked at the awesome exhibits (The Seven Deadly Sins and Launch-11) for free!

We're always looking for inexpensive date ideas--feel free to share!  Whoever posts the most interesting date idea will win those 2 symphony vouchers.  We will choose the winner on 4/24/10--so get a postin'!


  1. AWESOME date for groups: hide and seek at IKEA

    Couple date (especially when cold and yucky outside) walk around a greenhouse, Cactus and Tropicals is SUPER pretty and smells sooo good!

  2. Every Thursday night up at the U either by or in the ROTC building they have free swing dance lessons from 8-9 and swing dancing from 9-11. Jacob and I went for a couple months a while back. It's usually really low key, maybe a half dozen to a dozen people (unless it's gotten bigger since the last time I went.) Oh and did I mention- FREE!!!


  3. When I grow up, I want to be as cool as you guys. :)

  4. Simple & cheap FAMILY date---we took our family to a pumpkin & kiddie corn maze last year. Kids ran the maze for free, played on the parked tractors, rode in the wheel barrels, gazed at the farm animals (mostly fowl) and picked their pumpkins.

    Owners even took pictures with our cameras on their props. Prices for pumpkins ranged from 10 cents to 10 dollars, pending on size.

    Oh and how about dying eggs with friends!!! ;)

  5. Paulie and I are quite the foodies. On a recent date, we decided to stop at the grocery store and pick up an obscure ingredient and then go home and see what we could make with it from what we had in the cupboard. We chose Champagne vinegar (it was about $3.00) and then we went home and had a lot of fun perusing old cookbooks and going through websites for recipes. We ended up making beef bourgion (sp) and it was fabulous!!!

    Another date we went on was to a Bee's game for his birthday last year. I went online to see about promotions they had going and we got 2 for 1 tickets along the first base line! We spent $5 and all we had to do was bring the wrapper of some cheese that we had in the fridge! Paul was surprised when I pulled that out of my purse, but it was cheap and fun!

  6. Pretend there is a power outage! No lights, electronics, or phones. That's one of my favorite cheap date night activities to do with my husband. Read a book together or play a board game by candlelight. It's so nice to just be together without any distractions.

  7. A picture scavanger hunt. Remember that one?

  8. Here's a couple websites with fun ideas:

  9. P.S. I think one of the funnest and most random dates Craig and I did was when we were dating. We took marshmallow guns (easy to make our of pvc pipe - I already had some so it was free for this date) and then we put on rollerblades and skated around in the park shooting each other, it was awesome!

  10. Watch airplanes land at the SL airport. Park at the aiport post office (or FedEx parking lot, if you dare, but you chance getting towed), walk to the Southside of the runway. When you see the FedEx building, keep walking on the road until it curves (toward the golf course). Instead of turing right to the golf course, turn left, toward the gated/ fenced runway. Anyone can access the runway bike trail and you don't need a badge. There's a bike path that is open pretty much daylight hours (note the times the bikepath closes, as the gate doors will automatically lock after the closing time). You can walk along the path as planes are taking off or landing. It is really exhilarting. Please note that the is a strip of runway that you cannot stop or stand, you have to keep walking (or riding) in that area. There are signs that say "critical area" or something.

    Keep in mind that the best view is when the planes are landing facing to the North. The best way to know which direction the planes are landing (besides actually going to the aiport) is the wind has to be blowing South.

    Biking (or rollerblading) the trail is also really fun. The best place to park is right off North Temple. There is usually 2 hour parking on the street. The trail starts on the furthest West point of North Temple and goes all the way to the airport golf course clubhouse.

  11. I love this post! Bob and I pride ourselves on being cheap also.


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