Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where I was last week

I was at our church's Girls Camp for 5 days with these crazy Young Women and the other Young Women leaders.  We are a small group, but we sure do have fun enough for 50 girls!  Now who wouldn't love being with these amazing, funny, spiritual, crazy kids??

After our skit titled "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful"

I want to point out that there are a couple nerds on the left side of this picture, one super intense bubble blower in the middle of the group, and if you look toward the back of the group is one of the leaders dressed in a beekeeper's suit.

Oh and what's that you see on the right side of the pic? No, your eyes are not mistaken--yes, that's me and another girl (with the inflatable pink flamingo) sporting fake moustaches.

At least I think those are fake moustaches...

Maybe it's time I get my upper lip waxed.

Classic 80's style pose!

If my life depended on it, I think I could pass for a dude.  Just sayin.


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