Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Let's Go Out Tonight" Winner

Did you have a good date this last week?  I hope so!  We sure had fun at everything we ended up doing.  One thing we really enjoyed was seeing the Decemberists--they were brilliant!

Not a great picture of lead singer of the Decemberists, Colin Meloy

After much deliberation by the True Random Number Generator, we have a winner for our "Let's Go Out Tonight" contest.  Surprisingly, it chose Comment #1, submitted by Emma.  (I realize that it's a True Random Number Generator, but it seems like it hardly ever randomly chooses the first or last number of the series!)

Emma said...
"well we were planning a cheap date night on tim's birthday to boondocks. with his free birthday unlimited pass and coupons in hand we tried to find a babysitter. no luck - anywhere. so we ended up taking the boys with us on our date. we figured it wouldn't be too bad. but then we got there and it was "DARE" night.  there were literally hundreds of unsupervised fifth graders running around like maniacs. totally rude, loud and obnoxious. we should have just stuck with our normal date to target."

Emma, congrats and please contact me so I can get you your gift certificates!

Thanks all for submitting your great stories and cheap date ideas!  Now go out and date!

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  1. holla! so excited i won. i just started entering like every giveaway i find. it's paying off. thanks!


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