Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from Us and Lars

Happy Halloween!  We had such a great Halloween weekend and we hope you did too.

There was a lot of pressure to really do something that would top last year's costumes, both ours and Lars'.  It took us a long while, but we finally figured out on Saturday morning what we wanted to be for Halloween.

Notice that Lee has duct taped his keys to his costume because he didn't have any pockets.

Um...what the heck are we?

We're Super Duct Tape Man and Super Duct Tape Woman!  Yup, it's all duct tape (and a few other things). My best friend did something similar to this in high school and it's been a good back-up costume idea.

Check out Lee's 8-pack!  He had to do so many sit-ups for those abs!

Some facts that might be helpful if you want to make your own Super Hero Duct Tape costume:

  • It took 2 1/2 rolls of duct tape (about 120 yards) and close to 4 hours to put both costumes together. 
  • Get old clothes and cut them to the style you want.  I wanted pointy shoulders, so I cut the shirt that way.  Lee used a pair of old basketball shorts that were way too big for him.
  • I made my "skirt" out of a strip of cloth and duct taped it together over a pair of gray shorts.  
  • The capes are just pieces of cloth covered in duct tape.
  • Lee's sandals are made of cardboard and duct tape.  I covered an old pair of flats that were trashed. 
  • I kept a roll of duct tape at my side just in case--it looked like a lasso!
  • We duct taped a couple of masks that we bought at Michael's for $2 each. You can cut the eye holes wider if necessary.
  • Because there is no give in duct tape, it will be awfully hard to get your head through that tiny neck hole.  We cut a slit up the backs of our shirts, put them on, then taped ourselves in. The capes cover up the slits rather nicely. 
  • Tights are always a nice touch for a super hero.  I used some hounds tooth tights I bought last year, and Lee used some long thermal underwear.
  • Duct tape is not breathable--expect to be warm!

And this is Lars costume:

All wrapped up--Lars, the garden gnome

Some of you readers guessed his costume correctly--a mummy!  He's so cute!

Lars' cute face peaking out

A few facts about Lars' costume if you wanted to dress up your garden gnome as a mummy:

  • We bought less than a yard of really cheap muslin at Joann's.
  • Tear off strips of fabric--it makes it look more authentic.
  • Start wrapping!  Then tie off and tuck the ends wherever you can.

We'll continue to do remont with some paint and sealant so Lars is as-good-as-new and weather-proof!

Have fun and be a safe!  Happy Halloween!


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