Friday, October 28, 2011

Part 2: "Remont"

This is a continuation of our story started at Part 1: A Summertime Accident.

Poor Lars. What will we do with you?

Well, I'll tell you what we decided to do.

We decided to do "remont" on Lars. 

Remont is a Russian word (pronounced "ree-mont"). As some of you know, Lee and I lived in Russia for a time, and we both love this word.

It roughly translates to "remodel" or "repair".  But you can use it in so many different contexts. 

Obviously, you can do remont on your home or on a building.

You can remont your clothes if you've torn something.

Did you know you can even remont your nose if it happens to be crooked?

It's so versatile!

I envisioned that we'd wrap up Lars' hat and cover his gaping head wound with Plaster of Paris, so that it's be a little flat stump on top. I also figured that maybe we could just break off the bits around his feet that were making him lean and maybe fashion something for his base.

Lee envisioned just putting Lars back together. Like a puzzle.

Which is what he did.

With our handy-dandy hot glue gun.

This was done, of course, after we argued for a minute about how it should be done.

Lee was right. Lars could be put back together again!  (Well, mostly--his hat was missing a few bits.)

And Lee let me do my Plaster of Paris thing too.

So that Lars would be more stable.

Look--he doesn't have a stump of a hat! 

He looks pretty good!  I think Lee and I could become Plaster of Paris surgeons!

So, now that Lars is whole, guess what we're going to dress him up as for Halloween?

Look out for Part 3: Lars' Halloween Costume '11 soon!


  1. i'm going to go with a mummy. the plaster of paris sections look mummyish

  2. I love remont too! I hated it on the mish though...seemed like they were constantly doing a remont so we couldn't come visit! And most remonts I saw consisted of a 12th layer of wallpaper...super classy!


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