Sunday, March 30, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 12

It's been an eager, enjoyable, and encouraging week.

Sunday, March 23: Lee and I got a coconut from a restaurant earlier in the week. A coconut! All we had to do was poke a straw through and start sipping. Coconut water isn't my beverage of choice, but it was refreshing.


Monday, March 24: Signs of spring! Wahoo! Well, maybe the algae is getting a little out of hand.

City Creek

Tuesday, March 25: Another sign of spring. I love daffodils! They are so cheery, even in rainy spring weather.


Wednesday, March 26: Lee was making his second batch of drinking vinegars. Apparently, I shouldn't have disturbed him. Just kidding. He doesn't smile until I am done taking the picture, the punk!

Why are you bothering me?

Thursday, March 27: I'm taking a beginning Illustrator class and we were checking out all the vectors that were created on this picture of Elmo. Elmo looks like he is covered in blue bugs--disturbing!

Friday, March 28: We went to the St. Vincent concert at The Depot and it was AWESOME! Annie Clark kicks butt and it was such a fun show. I also have a new hero--Toko Yasuda. She is St. Vincent's backup singer, keyboardist, and bassist and she kicks butt too!

So close to St. Vincent!

Saturday, March 29: I took a Growing Medicinal and Gourmet Mushrooms class taught by the Biocentric Bros through Lifelong Learning. We got to take home a inoculated wood block and learned how to start a straw bucket. I'm so excited to give it a try.

Getting instructions on how to start growing my own mushrooms at home

Anyway, we hope you have an extraordinary upcoming week!

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  1. Love your posts Winter! You are so awesome. Looks like you and Lee are having so much fun!


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