Sunday, April 6, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 13

It has been a pretty florid, fun, and favorable week.

Sunday, March 30: Our first tulip! Thank goodness that tulips are pretty hardy even in crazy spring snowstorms! This tulip perked right up after the snow melted.

Spring in Utah

Monday, March 31: Selfie! Just hanging out before calling it a day.


Tuesday, April 1: I checked my weather app this morning and it said it was going to 82 degrees and sunny! I was so excited that I wore a skirt with no leggings. As I gathered to leave, I realized it was NOT going to be 82 and sunny that day. It was not till later when I realized the weather app was set to show me the weather for Orlando, Florida.


My iPad played an April Fool's joke on me. Ha ha! Oh well!

Fooled me, iPad!

Wednesday, April 2: Oh the sky was gorgeous today!

Pretty Utah clouds

Thursday, April 3: I took another Illustrator class and we were asked to make a fake website. Of course, I made a fake website about goats. Maybe I should make a real website about goats because we love goats...

Ha ha! Goats!

Friday, April 4: We were fascinated by this car and we were trying to figure out how this damage occurred. Lee thinks the corner of a semi backed into the car. I think a huge bolder smashed into the side of it. What do you think happened?


Saturday, April 5: This weekend is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints General Conference. I love General Conference! And because we're usually hanging out at home watching each session, there is a lot of cooking during conference weekend. I made a roasted cauliflower soup with smoked bacon. Yum!

Cauliflower soup! Yum!

Anyway, we hope you have a fine upcoming week!

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