Sunday, March 23, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 11

It has been a dandy, daring, and diligent week for us. How was yours?

Sunday, March 16: We're taking the Financial Peace University classes (Dave Ramsey) again with my brother, and this week, we were talking about leaving a good legacy and we went over insurance and how we should have a will. Lee decided to quickly draw up a will during class. On the back of his hand. According to his hand will, I get everything.

Handmade will

Monday, March 17: Happy St. Patty's Day! We celebrated it by going to the opera about a Chinese woman with a heart of ice, who finally understands love in the end.  Totally a great way to celebrate St. Patty's. The Utah Opera did an AMAZING job! I absolutely loved Liu and Turandot--they are some seriously talented women. By the way, you should listen to this version of Nessun Dorma for fun.

During intermission at Turandot at the Utah Opera

Tuesday, March 18: I just had to take this picture to show how light it's been lately when I walk out of work. The Walker Center light wasn't even on yet! I love Spring.

I heart sunny days!

Wednesday, March 19: I saw this sunset on my way back to my car; you can't help but feel lucky to catch this kind of light. Plus, I can't believe how awesome my cell phone camera is! Gorgeous!

Sunset in Bountiful

Thursday, March 20: Because we've cut out a lot of TV lately, we have gotten into the habit of sitting and talking on our bed when we get home. I love the time with Lee. (We had finished eating dinner and a popsicle for dessert, that's why Lee has a stick in his mouth.)

Chatting and hanging out

Friday, March 21: Our dear friend, Gem, once again pulled off an amazing play at the the Jr. high school she teaches at. They did Aladdin this year and it was a crazy fun play. Our favorite character, hands down, was the flying rug. The kid who played it was hilarious and we had to get our picture taken with him.

With the flying rug kid at Alladin

Saturday, March 22: I somehow convinced a bunch of people to sign up with me to do a bike ride in June called the Little Red Riding Hood--it's all an all-women ride, and I've done the 50-mile version before, but now I'm training for 70 miles. I figured I should start training or all of my friends will ditch me.

After riding back from the University of Utah

Anyway, we hope you have a dazzling upcoming week!


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