Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 4

What a unique, unexpected, and unusual week and here's what it looked like!

Sunday, January19: Lee and his parents before dinner at the family Park City trip. It was sure fun hanging out with everyone!

Lee and his parents - The Redd Party
Lee and his wonderful parents

Monday, January 20: Thing 1 has the BEST hair when she first wakes up in the morning--bordering on Elvis and the Wolverine.

Cool morning hair - The Redd Party
Breakfast at the cabin

Tuesday, January 21: Lee got some new running shoes at a local shop that analyzes your stride and how your foot falls. He was off for his first run in them. What sexy green legs!

Nike running shoes - The Redd Party
Lee's Nike running shoes

Wednesday, January 22: Guess what? I won an iPad through an organization I volunteer with--wahoo! I am generally a lucky person, but I haven't been very lucky lately, so maybe my luck is changing.  Since I have an iPad already, I planned on giving it to Lee, and everyone kept telling me that I should wait till Valentine's Day to give it to him. But I really couldn't wait to see his face. And sure enough, he was SO excited!

Excited about his new iPad - The Redd Party
We're so lucky!

Thursday, January 23: I have never read a thing by Steven King, but I am thoroughly enjoying his book On Writing. I may have to try reading some of his fiction, though I am not a huge fan of getting freaked out. If you have any suggestions that won't freak me out, I'd love to hear them.

Steven King's On Writing - The Redd Party
Doing a bit of reading

Friday, January 24: We drove past the Outdoor Recreation Expo on our way to work and there were totem poles set up by Keen. Totem poles! They always have such interesting stuff at the expo.

Keen totem poles - The Redd Party
Totem poles and Lee's nose

Saturday, January 25: My weekend assignment for the January Cure involved organizing and cleaning the living room, which was quite the undertaking. Though we like these rugs, we've decided it's time to part with them. Anyone want them? They're free!

Round Ikea rug - The Redd Party
Bright Ikea round rugs

Have a great one, friends. We hope you have an uplifting upcoming week!

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  1. I wish I'd seen the totem poles! Of course you couldn't wait to give the ipad to him, look at that happyface!


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