Sunday, February 2, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 5

What a vivacious, veracious, and vigorous week! How was yours?

This is what it looked like for us:

Sunday, January 26: A fierce game of Fruit Ninja with one of our favorite people.

Playing Fruit Ninja on the iPad - The Redd Party
He only plays Fruit Ninja with us

Monday, January 27: I've seen this girl on the bus a few times before and I love how Scandinavian/European she looks. I had to take her picture today, because who can rock a braid crown and round glasses? She can!

People watching on the bus - The Redd Party
Bus mate with funky style

Tuesday, January 28: These were my flowers that I purchased last weekend for the January Cure. They smelled heavenly!

January Cure assignment flowers - The Redd Party
Beautiful January Cure flowers

Wednesday, January 29: It rained/snowed and I could finally see the Oquirrh Mountains, which I haven't seen in days. This isn't a great picture since I was taking it from a moving bus, but believe me when I say they are absolutely gorgeous when you can see them.

Spying the Oquirrh Mountains - The Redd Party
Seeing the Oquirrh Mountains finally

Thursday, January 30: I was meeting my friend for dinner after work and happened to walk down this street near the Boston Exchange. It has a lot of character and Lee and I got some of our bridals/groomals taken here, so we love it.

Boston Exchange in Salt Lake City, Utah - The Redd Party
Boston Exchange area

Friday, January 31: We had our Chinese New Year party (it was my end goal of the January Cure) and one of my friends wore a shirt we made years ago for my birthday. I am glad he hearts Asians!

I heart Asians - The Redd Party
His wife wants one that says "I heart an Asian"

Saturday, February 1: True story: When I first met Lee, I couldn't believe how big his eyes were. I realize that I am Chinese with quite small eyes, but Lee's eyes are especially large, don't you think? I would like to submit this picture as evidence: Lee next to a wide-eyed stuffed elephant. He looks just like the elephant!

Lee has big eyes - The Redd Party
Big-eyed twinners

Well, we hope you have a valuable upcoming week!

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  1. love the i heart asians t shirt - must find one for my friend who would totally rock it...


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