Sunday, January 12, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 2

This week has been a snowy, stunning, and simple week.

Sunday, January 5: I wanted to take a picture of the city lights because the inversion was finally gone after a snow storm. Out of all the pics, this one was my favorite--I'm not sure why!

Salt Lake City night scape - The Redd Party
Salt Lake City at night and out of focus

Monday, January 6: Once again, I'm reveling in the clear skies and the fact that I can see the moon.  I am also delighted that I got off work on time to still see the sun! Amazing!

University of Utah Hospital and the moon - The Redd Party
Blue skies and moon above the hospital

Tuesday, January 7: Lee and I can find hours of entertainment at the Smith's Marketplace, including trying out all the furniture. We don't need furniture, but we try it out anyway.

Trying out the furniture at Smith's Marketplace - The Redd Party
That ottoman is too low for Lee

Wednesday, January 8: We had fog this week--it was spooky-looking!

Foggy evening in Salt Lake CIty - The Redd Party
Foggy evening in Salt Lake City

Thursday, January 9: Then we had snow--and it was beautiful. Even though we have to shovel it when we get off work, it keeps our air clean in the valley, so I'm grateful for the storms that move things around here.

Snowy trees in Salt Lake City - The Redd Party
Snow on trees downtown Salt Lake City

Friday, January 10: Lee and I headed to the temple for a date night. I love the Bountiful Temple and how it glows against the darkness.

The Bountiful Temple at night - The Redd Party
The Bountiful Temple at night

Saturday, January 11: I had lunch with good friends that I don't hang out with as often as I would like. I'd like to make it a goal this year--to spend time with those good friends and not to use the excuse of being so "busy". Let's be honest, I'm not that busy--I just need to make it a priority.

Hanging with great friends - The Redd Party
Melonade and the Hot Scott. MiSharona was here too, but not pictured.

Well, I hope you all have a stupendous upcoming week!


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