Monday, January 13, 2014

I finished the 10-Class Challenge!

I finally finished my 10-Class Challenge this last semester through Lifelong Learning and I had a ball!

Our pies--ready to bake

To recap, these are the classes I ended up taking:

  1. Read Like a Writer (posts here, here, and here)
  2. Landscape Photography Today (posts here, here, and here)
  3. A Savory and Sweet EGG-travaganza (post here)
  4. Furniture Refinishing (posts here, here, here, and here)
  5. The Secrets of Screenwriting (posts here, here, here, and here)
  6. The Art of Hand Lettering (posts here, here, and here)
  7. Bulb Forcing (post here)
  8. Perfect Pie Crusts (post here)
  9. Acupressure for Everyday Aches and Pains (post here)
  10. Holiday Wreath Making (post here)

Lifelong Learning's spring semester is starting January 14 (that's next week), and I want to encourage you to take a class (or two or ten), and here are my top 10 reasons to do so:

1. There's flexibility: Some classes meet several times, while many classes meet only once. You will find something that fits your schedule.

2. Do it for your brain: Lifelong learning leads to a healthier and more plastic brain. Because a brain is a terrible thing to waste.

Feed your brain at Red Butte Gardent

3. For bragging rights: Imagine sitting with your friends and you get to bring up that you're growing medicinal mushrooms and you are a backup to the Olympic archery team because you took Beginning Archery.

4. To recharge: I would be Draggy McDraggerston after work as I headed to my classes, but when you actually are in class talking about something so different from what you normally do, you get excited and energized.

5. For quality time: If you take a class with a friend, you are spending time with your friend (obviously). And in this busy world, time with friends can be rare! I was blessed to have several friends and family members take classes with me.

Hanging with my friends

6. It's challenging: You will feel a little like you're in school again, but you're not getting graded. And the teachers are really nice.

7. It's the best bang for your buck: There are fees for these classes, but you come away with all this knowledge and supplies and resources and usually a finished project (see #3).

8. A new path: It might springboard you into a new career or hobby. I am currently writing a screenplay with my husband, so who knows?!?

Future florist? Who knows!

9. Status booster: When you tell people that you're taking Cooking Korean Food or Beginning Banjo, I guarantee they will say, "Whoa! You are so cool. And interesting. Like the Most Interesting Man in the World!" Seriously--that happened to me during the challenge!

10. Resolution Time: It's a new year! Haven't you resolved to try something new this year? Something different? Something weird? You will find all of that in a Lifelong Learning class.

Let's do some impossible things this year, friends!

You may think that I'm getting paid to say this, but I'm not. 

I took tons of Lifelong Learning classes before I got chosen for the 10-Class Challenge and I'll continue taking them now that I'm done. I'm happier learning and growing and this is a great way to keep learning and growing!

So the offer is still open: does anyone want to take a class with me this semester?


  1. Congratulations! I need to take another class this spring. It really is so much fun...

    maybe I'll see you there????

    1. We should just take a class together again! I'm thinking about the chocolate class taught by Vanessa Chang and the Indian class.


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