Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In search of the perfect coat hook

We've been doing the January Cure through Apartment Therapy this month, where we have assignments to clean/organize/purge every day in January to get our home into better shape.

We've done pretty good, except for one of this week's assignments--to "create a landing strip".

A "landing strip"is a place to put everything--book bags, mail, shoes, purse, keys--that you bring into the house. This area is a clutter filter at your front door.

We definitely need help in this area. If you've ever been to our little apartment, you know our entryway is a disaster. It's small for one thing, plus there are shoes littering the entryway, mail laid anywhere there is a flat surface, and no place to hang your coat.

Not having a coat rack or hooks always drives me bonkers in the winter, but I forget about it when spring rolls around and we start shedding our coats.

So I'm in search of the perfect coat rack or hooks for my assignment--I'm determined to finally get a coat hook this year.  So far, these are my top 10 favorites.

1. Ghost Antler by Erich Ginder: It costs a pretty penny, but I sure like the way it looks.

Ghost Antler Coat Hooks

2. Symbol Coat Rack by David Scott and DesuDesign: Looks like it could be art when it's not being used--I like that!

DesuDesign Symbol Coat Rack

3. Blurb Coat Rack by Bettina Nissen Design: That might be fun to have a way to communicate as you come in and out.

Let's talk about that with the Blurbs Coat Rack

4. Grapple Hanging System by Ryan Frank: How pretty are these bio-resin hooks? Unfortunately, I don't think he's making this particular hook anymore, but has moved to a different material for the hooks. I still love the concept.

Resin hooks for hanging coats by Ryan Frank

5. City Coat Rack by Radius Design: Simple and speaks to my traveling soul. You can get different cityscapes such as London or New York.

Cityscape Coat Rack

6. Dropit Hooks by Normann Copenhagen: How cute are these? Yes, I called them cute. They're little drops of color and art in your entryway.

Hang your stuff on drops!

7. Wardrope Coat Hanger by Authentics: The hooks can slide up and down, unless you hang something on it, then it stays put. Reminds me of how a seat belt works.

Elegant and minimal design

8. Modular Antler and Horn Coat Rack by 5Lab: I like how you can move things around and arrange it the way you like it. And I think I have a thing for antlers.

Love the colors of these antlers

9. Here Coat Hook by Richard Shed: This coat hook is going somewhere and it wants to take your coat with it.

Pointing in the right direction

10. Slat Coat Rack by Wallter: This looks multi-purpose--hang stuff on it, display stuff on the shelf, and use it as art.

Good-looking and functional slats

I know I should probably just get some inexpensive, simple hooks, but I kind of want our entryway to have attitude and look good.

Do you have a cool, interesting, or well-designed coat rack or know of one we should know about before we decide on one?


  1. Eames Hang It All comes to mind. You can get it at the MOMA store or DWR. There's a colorful version and one in black and white.


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