Friday, January 17, 2014

What's making us happy this week

Wow! This week was intense. Lee started his school semester and my brain is mush after a crazy work week.

Salt Lake City Sunset and Walker Tower - The Redd Party
The sky was perfect with part of the Salt Lake cityscape

We definitely need some fun and happiness to celebrate the end of it and the start of a long MLK weekend in the mountains with family.

What's making Lee happy this week:

What's making Winter happy this week:
  • Water wigs? Yeah, it's pretty awesome!
  • On All Song Considered, I fell in love this song by St. Vincent. We're going to her concert in March--wahoo!
  • I'm getting pumped up for the Sochi Winter Olympics. This looks amazing and terrifying to me.
  • Some people are so quick. And funny like the Mets Bucket Hat guy.
  • Lee's uncle was a pole vaulting champion back in the day and is coaching his son now. Both Lee's uncle and cousin are competing in the Reno Pole Vault Summit right now. How cool is that?

Have a great weekend and be happy, friends!


  1. Thanks for the SITS visit! Lol to that weird facts video and I am super excited for the winter Olympics too!

  2. That view is incredible! I've never been to Salt Lake City but it is on my list. Happy Sunday!


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