Thursday, November 14, 2013

Supermarket Games We Play: How Many People Will We Know?

I've mentioned it before, we love going grocery shopping together.

We enjoy it because we play games while we shop; we've got two main games we play. 

The first game is simple and easy: How many people will we know while we're grocery shopping?

It's so fluffy!

When we were first dating, Lee was surprised at how many people I'd know when we would be out and about. 

Then, the tables turned when we got married and moved into Lee's old stomping grounds, I was shocked at how many people Lee knows. Everyone in this town knows everyone else. People don't move out of this place. Lee knows everyone--parents, neighbors, cousins, former classmates, everyone!

Finding some clearance rack stuff

So when we go to the store, we always call out the number of people we think we'll meet when we're shopping. 

Then we count. And shop. And count.

It's usually one or two, but we've run into as many as ten acquaintances during one shopping trip!

Lee hiding between the carpets

It's simple. And it's fun. 

Plus, we get to catch up with a lot of our friends and it makes us feel like the most popular people in the Smith's Marketplace!


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