Friday, November 15, 2013

What's making us happy this week

What a week, what a week! It's been a good one only because I was at one of my last classes for my 10-Class Challenge and this amazing pie was made in that class.

I ask you, how can it not be a good week when pie is involved?!?

Apple pie - to die for crust!

Anyway, here are a few things to brighten your rainy Friday:

What's making Lee happy this week:
  • I personally remember listening to the radio just to record the one song that got played once every other day.
  • This is the most interesting man in the world, and maybe someone who should run for Prime Minister of America...?
  • This is something we might have to get for all the gift cards we have. It also looks cool.
  • Go Man U

What's making Winter happy this week:
  • Watched The Man Who Knew Too Little this week. The my-dog-is-dead scene is my favorite, often-quoted scene from the movie. Classic Bill Murray!
  • I think I'm on a band kick right now. I just want to point out how many people played the clarinet, like me!
  • Interesting test--I guess I'm equally balanced. I wonder if it's legit.
  • If this report about butterbeer is real, then yay! If not, then I will be pretty sad.
  • Wednesday happens to be my favorite day!
  • I'm adopting this principle because it's been kind of rough week for problem solving and creativity.



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