Sunday, November 3, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 43

It's been a quiet, quirky, and quick week. Not as stressful as it's been in the past, but definitely busy and eventful. This is how it all looked.

October 27: We headed to the home of our good friend for dinner and epic lip sync battle. Dinner was great as evidenced by the Fiesta Station, but the battle didn't happen because another friend couple who were supposed to come weren't able to make it. We'll let you know when it all goes down, because it will be epic!

The Bod posing with the Fiesta Station

October 28: I have loved this fall. We have had many golden days and a little bit of rain--a perfect combination we don't often see here in Utah.

Fall in Utah

October 29: I was standing in line for a eye checkup and was standing behind this cute older couple. The gentleman said to me that the only reason he gets anything done was because of his good wife who takes care of him. When they got up to the desk, I loved how he held her hand. I hope Lee and I always hold one another's hand.

Holding hands

October 30: Has anyone used these Kenko Extension Tube sets? I got a tip from the Rabbits about this when I visited and now I want to get a set!

Kenko Extension Tube Set

October 31: Happy Halloween! We stopped by for a movie at Top Hat Video and had to get our picture taken.

Trick or Treat!

November 1: We were headed to dinner at a friend's home and Lee made a lovely cake. It was delicious. This is why I like when he has Friday afternoons off!

Delicious bundt cake!

November 2: Lee is taking good care of me and putting a blanket on me. What a gem!

Lee takes such good care of me

Well, I hope you all have a quaint upcoming week!


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