Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Marriage Tip #88: Not wrong...

In the first year of our marriage, I remember Lee making us some dinner one night and I was sort of helping.

Just married

Okay, I was sort of getting in the way, because Lee was cutting up a green pepper. And he cut the top off first.

"That's weird," I thought, "That's not the right way to cut a green pepper."

My dad was a great cook and I learned how to cook from him. He taught me to cut peppers in half, then remove the seeds and membranes. Lee was clearly cutting it incorrectly.

So this is how our conversation went down:

Winter: Why are you cutting it that way?
Lee: What do you mean?
Winter: Why are you cutting it that way?
Lee: I need to take the core out. 
Winter: Why don't you cut it down the middle, then take the core out?
Lee: Well, I cut the top off, take the core out, then you have hollow shell.
Winter: That's weird.
Lee: Well how do you do it?
Winter: I cut it down the middle, take the seeds and membranes out, then you have two halves.
Lee: Well, that seems weird to me. 
Winter: You don't cut peppers right.
Lee: Well, I'll just cut peppers my way, okay?

Let's just say I was bugged by this and a myriad of things that Lee did "wrong" the first few months of our marriage. And I thought I was just being nice by telling him that the way he did things was "weird", not "wrong", though in my mind, he was totally doing things wrong.

We're weird and we're taking a photo wrong

Yeah, I've come to find out that I'm wrong.

It's not wrong. It's just different.

I was noticing that though we don't go about things the same way, we usually get to the same result in the end.

So keep it in mind: It's not wrong, just different.


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