Thursday, November 7, 2013

Swedish Crayfish Parties are pretty awesome

We saw our good friends the Oceans at the 10th Annual Cheese and Italian Soda Party this year with their dang cute kids, E and S.

We're big fans of the Oceans. You see, we knew them for a couple years in our neighborhood before they went off and lived in Sweden for a couple years while Mr. Ocean went to school in Stockholm.

Yeah, they went and lived in Stockholm with their cute family!

We dream of living overseas, so they're pretty much our heroes.

So when we saw them at the Cheese Party and they told us they had been searching for someone to invite who would be game for and would appreciate a traditional Swedish crayfish party and that they actually thought of us, we were so flattered!

Crayfish, salt, and dill

When we got to their lovely home (Mrs. Ocean studied Interior Design and has impeccable taste), they told us a little more about these crayfish parties they have in Sweden as we finished preparing the food and setting the table.

Beautiful red crayfish

These parties are usually held in the late summer months when the Swedes harvested crayfish. There is plenty of food and alcoholic drinks served at these outdoor parties.

Mrs. Ocean had purchased some crayfish at Ikea and the Crayfish Party Pack for the occasion. The Crayfish Party Pack?!?  Apparently, at these parties, party-goers--old and young alike--don bibs and funny hats as part of tradition.

So we donned the bibs and the hats and started eating the crayfish. We had a nice spread of cheese, bread, brats, salad, and homemade grape juice.

Our Swedish crayfish party spread

I got to sit next to S. She loved to show me all the parts of a crayfish.

Lee got to sit next to E, and he was impressed with how much E actually liked crayfish, both playing with and eating it. A lot of kids wouldn't touch a crayfish with a 10-foot pole!

E eating his first crayfish

It was all so good and delicious and fun. When you're concentrating hard at digging out the little bit of meat in those crayfish and you're elbow-deep in shells and juice, it just lends for fun and great conversation.

Working for our food!

They also told us that because most people are quite inebriated at these types of parties, there are crayfish drinking songs that are sung. None of us are drinkers, but we were pretty amused while looking at the crayfish drinking song pamphlet that came in our Crayfish Party Pack.

Party hardy - Swedish style!

That Crayfish Party Pack was a real bargain buy. We didn't even discover the crayfish-shaped crepe banner until dessert!

Dessert time!

Man, both the Swedes and the Oceans know how to throw an awesome party!


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