Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Lee has been up to lately

If you're following our Instragram feed (@reddparty), you may know that Lee is taking a baking class this semester.

He came home after his first class and asked if he could borrow my Wilton cake decorating kit. Sure!

It looks like he's going fishing, but Lee's going baking.

He's been coming home with cookies, cakes, quick breads, pies, and tarts that he and his classmates make during baking lab.

He's also making a gingerbread house for The Festival of Trees. It's a Brownstone! He's basing his pattern off of this one (picture below) posted on the blog Kitchen Table Scraps. Gorgeous!

The Brownstone Gingerbread House from kitchentablescraps.com

Lee has even flexed his dessert-making muscles for some family dinners and friend get-togethers.

It's been awesome, because Lee is awesome. Just sayin'...


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