Friday, September 6, 2013

What's Making Us Happy This Week

Oh there are so many things that are making us happy this week, despite the fact that we're back home from Iceland. Back to the real world!

Thank goodness for neck pillows/awesome head gear

What's making Lee happy:
  • Excited to see that Rhett and Link are back on 
  • The only good channel that broadcasts in English in Iceland is BBC Entertainment, so at the end of the day in Iceland, we watched the best of Top Gear. We were reminded of how funny this episode was.
  • Discovered this song by Lorde this week
  • Give this song by Tame Implala a listen too
  • 10th Annual Cheese Party this week. All the people that hate us, but like cheese get to come out to the party; all the people that like us get to party with us too.

What's making Winter happy:
  • This home redo is beautiful!
  • Two of Lee's sisters are ballet trained, so I absolutely love these photographs.
  • Thanks, All Songs Considered, for introducing me to this super fun tune by Moby, featuring Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips
  • Getting the courage to finally post this
  • I love taking classes through Lifelong Learning, so I applied to be the next 10-class challenge person. We'll see if I get chosen!

Put some of these tunes on and enjoy your Friday!


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