Sunday, September 1, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 34

Wow! We're home today, but this last week's Project Life 365 pictures are brought to you by Iceland.

It was an amazing, awesome, and adventurous week!

August 25: We went to church in Selfoss, Iceland this day and drove pass this lovely church next to a river. It was pretty rainy and incredibly beautiful.

Beautiful church!

August 26: We stayed the night at a hostel in Hofn, and we walked to the harbor area. We had to take a picture of the crazy sculpture and us, posing like the crazy sculpture.

I'm not as flexible as the bendy stone guy

August 27: Despite people online saying stuff about the power plant being in the background, the Blue Lagoon is amazing and we had a ton of fun there. We, Dr. Amy, and one of our other friends--we'll call her Flo--felt absolutely renewed and reinvigorated!

Look at all that blue water

August 28: We did a guided Golden Circle tour and we stopped by a small town called Alafoss to check out a couple of stores. It so happens that this building used to be a public pool, but is now a music recording studio. In fact, this is the very studio in which the band Sigur Ros records their music! We poked our heads in and it was awesome!

Where Sigur Ros records in Alafoss, Iceland

August 29: We stopped by the Black Church in Kjalarnes on the west coast of Iceland, and I loved the worn door handle and the etched writing.

At the Black Church

August 30: We were back in the Golden Circle on our way to Silfra, so Lee could go snorkeling. We stopped by this rest stop where everyone set up all these cairns.

It was cold that day--we saw some snow!

August 31: Coincidentally, a couple of our friends--we'll call them Lane and Monique--who had spent the entire week in New York City for work and play were taking the same flight home to Salt Lake City--crazy! I love when things like that work out.

Hanging out at JFK's Terminal 2

We hope you have an astounding upcoming week! We're hoping we can adapt back to everyday life after the pure amazing-ness of Iceland...


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