Sunday, August 25, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 33

Holy cow! We've been in two different countries this week. Yay!

It's been an international, Icelandic, and idyllic week!

August 18: We were at our church meeting this day in a different building than usual. We had to take a quick picture after the meeting.


August 19: Having a quick dinner before starting to pack for our trip at Ekamai Thai. The guy who owns Ekamai--his name is Woot--is super firiendly. I love that Woot Woot was written on one of their storage fridges.

Woot woot!

August 20: We are packed and ready and waiting to take our red eye to New York City then onward to Reykjavik. I may be too excited to sleep on the plane!

Ready to go!

August 21: My great friend, Dr. Amy, is going to Iceland with us, and Lee's best friend--we'll call him M&M--joined us in New York City for the day. We're on the free Staten Island ferry, which takes you right next to the Statue of Liberty. We're blessed to have great friends!

Friends on a ferry

August 22: We went to a concert the first night in Reykjavik at the most famous church called Hallsgrimskirkja, and we saw this beautiful basin with etched words that looked suspended in the stone.

Basin at Hallsgrimskirkja

August 23: We stopped into a grocery store and they had this set up at the register: One Direction vs A Goat: Who Would Win A Fight? I put a coin in the goat cup, because you better believe a goat would win.

One Direction wouldn't have a chance against a goat--no way!

August 24: We totally ran a half marathon. In Iceland! We actually met this cool kid from California, Tim, and he ran with me and Lee the entire time. What a blast!

Running in Iceland

I hope you have an intense upcoming week, friends!


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