Sunday, September 8, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 35

Man, what a jet-lagged, joyful, and jolly week!

September 1: I haven't done my hair for the last week and a half because it was always under a beanie in Iceland, so it was nice to get ready for church and look not so rugged.

We clean up nicely!

September 2: Labor Day! Lee is having a heyday being manly with his tool belt and helping a friend with a roofing project.


September 3: Lee is taking baking this semester. I am a little concerned that I am going to gain 20 pounds from all the cookies, breads, and cakes he will bring home. This is what he brought home his first night. He made his own marshmallow fondant too!

Love the pretty design

September 4: We heard this gardening tip where if you cut back all the extra vines on a pumpkin plant, the pumpkins get all the nutrients and will get bigger. So we cut back the vines with the neighbor kids--hopefully they'll have good carving pumpkins in a month!

Using scissors responsibly

September 5: I literally rode on a short bus home from work, and I had to take pictures to prove to Lee that there were a total of 6 rows in the bus.

Sitting right in the middle of a short bus

September 6: We thought there was a fire on the west side, but it turned out to be this freak wind storm that brought all the lovely fishy and sulfur-y smells of the Great Salt Lake right into our neighborhood. Blech! It did look cool rolling in though!

Something wicked this way comes

September 7: It was our 10th Annual Cheese and Italian Soda party, and despite the lightning and downpour, it was a success! The theme was Bling It On, hence the mini tiaras Lee and his sisters, Thing 1 and The Ballerina, were sporting at the end of the night.


Anyway, we hope you all have a jaunty upcoming week, friends!


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