Monday, September 9, 2013

10 Reasons to Travel to Iceland

I'll be reporting on our travels to Iceland this week and next week, but we first wanted to give you 10 solid reasons to go to Iceland.

Iceland exceeded our expectations and we really, really love it there. You really should go.

Here are our top 10 reasons to go to Iceland:

10. It's all there in Iceland: From the quaint European streets of Reykjavik to the wild-ness of the fire and ice to the idyllic, green countryside, there's something for everyone.

The Redd Party
Walking around during the Reykjavik Culture Festival

The Redd Party
Jokulsarlon, Iceland - Glacier Lagoon

The Redd Party
Beautiful countryside in Iceland

9. For great skin. Between the humidity (without the heat, of course) and the geothermal pools with its healing powers, your skin is going to look phenomenal while you are there.

The Redd Party
We are glowing!

8. It's magical in Iceland. Lee has been telling people that they get a free unicorn when they visit. I tell people that I saw fairies and elves while we were there. Okay, we saw their homes.

Before you build anything, you have to ask permission from the fairy or elf that is living there on the land. You do that by building them a home also--if you do, they'll keep an eye out for you. If not, they will cause mischief on you and your new home.

The Redd Party
Fairy homes in Hof, Iceland

7. Hot water for all! You can choose the temperature of your bath/shower. There were four of us needing to take showers at any given time and we never ran out of hot water AND you could choose how hot or cold it was. I love geothermal energy!

The Redd Party
The right nob allows you to choose your own temperature

6. Everyone is a musician there. There are concerts and festivals and music everywhere. Come on, what do you expect from the country that created Bjork, Sigur Ros, and Of Monsters and Men?

The Redd Party
Recording studio of Sigur Ros and others in Alafoss, Iceland

5. Skyr. They have this yogurt called skyr--it's a strained, non-fat Icelandic yogurt that is thick and creamy and delicious. Then you pair it with the continental breakfasts they serve--ah, I was in heaven! Nothing like our sad continental breakfasts in the US that only consists of donuts and orange juice!

The Redd Party
Hearty breakfast

4. Coolness factor. Iceland as a travel destination is new and exciting. I guarantee everyone will respond when you tell them you're going to Iceland, "Iceland?!? Why Iceland? That is so cool! You are so cool!" Your coolness factor just went through the roof.

The Redd Party
Our running map of the half marathon through Reykjavik

3. Waterfalls. There's one for everyone. And every single one is spectacular!

The Redd Party
Skogafoss, Iceland

2. Iceland = Niceland. Everyone is SO nice there. I think Iceland makes people happy too, because even the tourists here were so nice! I'm nicknaming Iceland Niceland now.

The Redd Party
At the woodshop in Alafoss, Iceland

1. You're never lost in Iceland. Cairns are strategically placed everywhere to guide you home. And we want to call Iceland home now!

The Redd Party
This is the place. Okay, this is Thingvellir.

Have any of you been to Iceland? If so, tell me some reasons why people should visit Iceland and why you love Iceland!

Lee and I are already trying to figure out how to visit again.


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