Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I've been chosen! 10-Class Challenge at Lifelong Learning

I'm so excited.

I just found out last Friday that I was chosen to do the 10-Class Challenge through Lifelong Learning at the University of Utah.

I've taken a number of classes in the past (some are reported here, here, and here), so I thought I might be a good candidate and I barely got my application in the night before the deadline after we got back from Iceland.

And out of 72 applicants, they chose me to represent. Woot woot!

Did I mention that I'm excited? I am.

Plus, I get to choose my classes, so I've tried to mix it up with some that I've wanted to take in the past and other that I think will be challenging and intimidating (Perfect Pie Dough and The Secrets of Screenwriting--yikes!).

They had me make a video. (P.S. I'm a spaz if you didn't know that already.)

I will be blogging (here and at the Lifelong Learning blog), tweeting (@reddparty), and instagram-ing (@reddparty) my progress as I make my way through these fun classes. I'll be hash tagging also at #ulifelong and #uofucontinue.

If anyone wants to take a class with me, I would love it. The more, the merrier!

First class starts tomorrow--Landscape Photography Today. My photos are okay, but I want stunning.

Vestmannaeyjar Island off of the main island, Iceland

Off for another fun adventure!


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