Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What We Ate in Iceland: Part 1

"So what's the food like in Iceland?"

We have gotten this question a bazllion times since we've come home, so I thought we'd answer in a two parts: today we'll talk about general food trends we saw in Iceland, then tomorrow we'll go over a few restaurants and food establishments that we frequented and liked.

So what was food like in Iceland?

1. Meat Stew: The meat in meat stew is usually lamb, and we love lamb, so whenever there was meat stew to be had, we had it! It always hit the spot on the many rainy days we experienced while there.

In our book, Icelandic meat stew is perfect for a cool, rainy day

2. Ice Cream: Holy cow, the ice cream is good here in Iceland. Whenever we found the soft serve vanilla ice cream that we could get dipped in chocolate, we pretty much got it. It's creamier and fluffier than anything I've eaten in the States.

Love Iceland's soft-serve ice cream, chocolate dipped, of course!

Random/related note: We got an insider tip about the "best ice cream" in all of Iceland called Isbud (or Isbuth) in a non-touristy suburb of Reykjavik. The kids there told us that we should get the old ice cream and that the new ice cream was not as good. No one could tell us why it was better. We didn't really think either of them were as good as the soft-serve vanilla ice cream cones we had gotten earlier.

3. Hamburgers plus french fries: Don't get me wrong, we were on the run most of the time, so maybe we found more burgers and fries, but it seemed like Icelanders do burgers and fries a lot more than fish. We didn't see that much fish!

Our ketchup bottles don't look this good in the States

4. Pizza: They love their pizza too! There were some very different pizza topping combinations, but it was still a tasty piece of pie. We ate at The Deli in Reykjavik.

Ham, olives, mushrooms, and artichokes pizza

5. The Hot Dog (Pyslur): You're supposed to go to the hot dog stand near the harbor, but we never got around to it (though we ran right past it during the half-marathon). We had them everywhere else and I thought they were tasty!

Hot dog and some lamb...with fries!

6. Rye bread: Rye is one of the only grains they can grow in Iceland, so we had plenty of this sweet rye bread. I think the sweetness is from molasses.

They bake this in the ground near a geothermal spring!

7. Skyr and milk products: Dairy products in other countries always taste different--creamier, less processed, fun/weird flavors--so we went and picked up some milk and yogurt. Both were so yummy!

8. Licorice: The Icelanders love licorice or at least it seems like they love it, because everything seemed to be licorice-flavored. After the half marathon, someone handed me an ice cream bar.It was sarsaparilla-flavored with a licorice candy shell on top. It was so weird, but I personally liked it.

The weirdest ice cream combo: sarsaparilla and licorice

With the exception of the lamb stew, all of these food trends we noticed while we were Iceland was unexpected. I felt like we ate well while we were there though.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 and we'll talk about some Icelandic restaurants.


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