Sunday, September 15, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 36

It's been a stressful, stupendous, and silly week (all rolled into one)!

September 8: We've had crazy good clouds and sunsets lately. Just coming home from the in-laws'.

Gorgeous Utah sunset

September 9: As always, we have extra cheese and crackers left from our annual Cheese Party, so we had a light dinner of Breton and soft brie.

The best cheese from the party and we took it home!

September 10: We've had a lot of storms too--we haven't needed to hand water our garden lately, which has been nice.

Outside our home

September 11: I'm taking a Landscape Photography class through the University of Utah Continuing Education. My teacher, Rodger Newbold, is awesome. Plus, he's got this sweet mustache!

Taking it off of Auto mode!

September 12: The Nightside Project was at Spanky's Deli in our neighborhood, so we stopped by for dinner and to take a selfie with the crew. Not a good photo, but definitely a good time.

We're such spazzes!

September 13: We headed to my Alumni Banquet and ended up at the same table with my classmate, Abby and her husband, Sean of Everest Collision. It's always fun with them!

Love these two!

September 14: My sister, Dimples was in town so we could all see our new nephew, Baby Trogdor. We had such a fun time hanging out together at the Utah State Fair. Sadly, Lee was stuck at work all day. I love love my crazy family!

Photobombing at the Utah State Fair

Friends, we hope you have a silly upcoming week!


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