Monday, September 16, 2013

What We Ate in Iceland: Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, here are the restaurants we tried and what we ate while we were hanging out in Reykjavik, Iceland.

1. Noodle Station: Maybe it was so rainy and colder than we expected the first night we were in Iceland, but this simple bowl of Thai noodles with beef had us there a second time a week later.

Noodle Station

Noodle Station noodles

2. Hresso Hressingarskalinn: Someone suggested we try out Hresso for some of the local Icelandic fare. But because we went during Culture Night, they had a limited menu--bummer!

Welcome to Hresso!

Lee ended up getting the Meat Stew, and I ordered the Fish Stew. I was so surprised when my food came out on a plate and not in a bowl! The fish had been mixed with potatoes in a cream base, atop thin slices of sweet rye bread. I loved it for the taste and the unexpected presentation.

I loved this fish stew

3. The Seabaron (Saegreifinn): This place was highly recommended by guidebooks and other tourists, so Lee and I headed for dinner one night. They had a variety of fish kabobs, and we had our first taste of whale from this super nice French couple we sat next to at the crowded communal tables. The whale tasted like a fishy red meat--not my favorite and very interesting.

The lobster soup was perfect!

Everything else we enjoyed, though I think my favorite part of this all was when The Seabaron came out and greeted us with Seabaron postcards for all.

The best marketer--the Seabaron himself!

4. Sandholt Reykjavik: We were doing our souvenir shopping and stopped by Sandholt Reykjavik for some breakfast pastries. Beautiful and delicious!

Pastries are just different in Europe!

Almond Pastry from Sandholt Reykjavik

5. Sjarvalgrillith: Once again, we got a recommendation from a couple from New York to this place where you could try the Whale, Puffin, and Shag tasting plate. We headed there for the tasting plate, but were blown away by everything else, like this lamb dish (leg and shoulder).

The lamb wasn't game-y either!

The tasting plate was amazing. The whale was not a fishy red meat--I think it was marinated in something special. The puffin was okay--doesn't taste like chicken. The shag was my favorite though--smoky and tender. It's amazing what food professionals can do!

Dessert--sorbet with a chocolate brownie

Anyway, we were told to go to a few other places, but didn't quite make it: The Laundromat Cafe, B5 (burgers), Glo (a vegetarian place).

Does anyone else have any other restaurant recommendations in Iceland?


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