Friday, August 9, 2013

What's Making Us Happy This Week

It's Friday!

How's your week been? We've had a pretty chill week and had time to plan more for our trip with our friends who are coming with us. We pulled out our passports yesterday--it's getting more real!

Just driving in B-Town

Anyway, here's what's making us happy this week:

What's making Lee happy:
  • Capturing light--whaaat?!?
  • Real Salt Lake is making me proud
  • Don't try this at home--definitely sketchy
  • Funny version of Russian roulette
  • I emailed the soccer stadium about tickets for a soccer match while we are in Reykjavik. The KR Reykjavik vs Valur Reykjavik tickets only cost 1500 isk ($12.66 USD). And they even invited us to join them for burgers before the game--nice!

What's making Winter happy:

Anyway, enjoy and have a great weekend, friends!


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