Sunday, August 11, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 31

It has been a laughable, leisurely, and Lee-filled week!

August 4: I asked Lee to water our little square-foot garden after church. Yes, he's wearing socks with sandals. Our neighbors probably just shake their heads and mutter to themselves, "Oh Lee!"

So fashionable, that Lee is

August 5: I think that getting mail is fun. Getting mail addressed to me and to the Redd Barons is even more fun! If this whole Redd Party thing doesn't work out, then we may have to change it to the Redd Barons!

Good job, Dell

August 6: We were making some calls for a variety of reasons--it's not our favorite thing to do, but it's got to be done!

Lee is so handsome!

August 7: We headed to The Journey Youth Conference reunion. We played a couple of games and one was getting across the field by only touching the laundry baskets and poster board. We may have had too many people in our group to really do this well, but it sure was funny!

Feeling close to one another!

August 8: Lee wanted me to take a picture of his ear, since he thought he had some weird tumor on his ear. It looked okay to me--I think it was just a zit. :)

No tumor here!

August 9: We headed down to the DIY Festival put on by Craft Lake City to support our friends who were selling their handiwork at the fair. We went to see Jewell Loveless at Lula May Creations and her cool polymer clay jewelry. We also finally got to see Desarae Lee's illustrations and they were beautiful. Gotta love the DIY scene in SLC!

Desarae Lee is so cool!

August 10: Lee was on the phone at 11 pm helping a friend diagnose some car issues. I love Lee and that he is always trying to help everyone around him.

Car talk

I hope you have a lively upcoming week!


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