Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Games We Play: Billy Goating

We have this thing for goats.

We think they're funny and cute and how can you not love the fact that some of them faint and other scream like humans?

The kid is chewing on his sleeve at the Utah State Fair

I started to love goats when my college roommate, Melonade, told me about how she would billy goat her former roommates and church mission companions. She explained: the billy goating technique involved jumping on an unsuspecting, sleeping person, on all four like a goat, then loudly bleating BAAAAAAAH! The now-confused, unsuspecting person would awake, wondering how a goat arrived on the scene.

You gotta try this out on your spouse, significant other, sister, brother, or roommate. It's hilarious!

Melonade and I on a hike to Adam's Falls

Lee's love of goats was born from his hatred of garbage. You see, when Lee was a kid, he would work at the family apartments, and he and his sister were assigned to clean out the car ports. When he first started, they had to sweep out all the leaves and garbage that had blown into the car port and under the cars with only a broom and dustpan. Tedious.

Then, Lee's dad finally got an industrial vacuum made by the company Billy Goat Industries.

Lee is so happy to be billy goating, can you tell?

This loud, dust-producing machine is, according to Lee, a dirty man's best friend. It sped up their work considerably. As expected, they would refer to using the industrial vacuum as billy goating. 

I've billy goated with Lee at the apartments and it sure is dusty work, but I can see how they were singing its praises when they got it. It's very handy.

A goat getting some perspective

So, when we got married, it was only natural for us to a develop a game involving goats.

You know the game Slug Bug, where if you see a Volkswagon Beetle Bug car, you call out "slug bug!" and slug the person in the arm you're with at the time you see the bug?

Well, instead of a Volkswagon bug, whenever you see a garbage truck, you start billy goating (pouncing and proclaiming "baah baah baah") the person you're with. Start tallying how many each of you get, because you'll be surprised at how many garbage trucks you'll see in one day.

Baah baah baaaah!

Why the garbage truck? Because goats eat everything, including garbage!

Are there are any games you play in the car?


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