Sunday, July 7, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 26

It has been a super, silly, and stupendous week!

June 30: The salesperson at Tabula Rasa recommended that Lee give Bay Rum after-shave a try. It smells like a man and so far, Lee likes it.

Taylor of Old Bond Street - Bay Rum!

July 1: Time for watering the community square food garden. One of the neighbor boys wasn't really watering the plants--more like watering his brother!

It was nice to get wet--it was 104 degrees!

July 2: Once again, it was in the 100's today, so we headed to get some Rainbows at Pace's Dairy Ann. Rainbows are slushies with vanilla soft serve ice cream. I tried cherry with lime and it was spot on!

Gotta love the classic fake ice cream cones!

July 3: I love Real SL soccer games. And I love churros at Real SL soccer games. And I love sweet penalty kicks by Javier Morales in the last couple minutes of Real SL soccer games. Awesome!

Churros and sporting events go hand-in-hand in my book

July 4: Yes, after a full day of 4th of July festivities, we were just hanging out in the evening watching a movie with Biore face strips on. (Yeah, remember that awkward moment when I realized this was the only picture I took all day and needed to post something for Project Life? Yeah...awkward...)

Cleaning out the pores!

July 5: I kind of started to complain after work about how slow my phone (aka Lee's old phone that I inherited when he upgraded) was, so Lee insisted I get a new phone. This is my second picture with the new phone! Cool beans!

Goofy in Costco!

July 6: Lee hasn't hid Domo since he last found him, so I decided to let Lee know that Domo was ready to be hid again...and to play with fire.

Domo is ready!

Well, I hope you all have a scintillating upcoming week!


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